Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Thank Goodness It's Tuesday and not Monday anymore.  Monday sucked. Yesterday was a Monday that really did Monday proud. So glad it's over. And there was nothing in particular that was bad, just general junky Monday stuff.
So on to a brighter Tuesday and the random:
  • For all the protests in the world about not being tired, Brusier fell asleep a chair last night.  It was a comfy chair, but he was out, despite loud protestations of NOT TIRED!
Nope, not tired at all.
  •  Nick's class has been going well.  The students are learning and enjoying his material.  However, Nick took them on a field trip on Thursday, had a tussel with a rock and the rock won.
Just a sprain, but looks worse.
  •  Turbo has started saving his summer earnings.  He's working for Papa and for Grandma doing yard work so he can learn how to work, make some money and do something productive this summer.  You know, except another level on Halo or build another useless thing on Minecraft.
  • Hopefully today, Grandma gets Turbo to the library too.  It's time he got a library card and found the graphic novel section.  Kid needs to read. And I'm not wildly picky as long as he's reading.
  • We are taking Turbo to the orthodontist next month.  Not looking forward to that one.
  • Both boys need haircuts.  Turbo wants a buzz cut, but would like to grow it out.  I said not until he's older--and more likely to take care of it himself. So a buzz cut it will be for the summer.
And that covers my random this week. Go see Stacy for more.

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Seriously Shawn


  1. My oldest used to fall asleep like that in his recliner in his room too. It was hilarious.

  2. My kids need haircuts too; we do it ourselves but since Ell is out of town this week, it'll have to wait. His gets so thick it's kind of gross in summer. Ew. Happy Tuesday!

  3. Bruiser sounds like my niece - she will declare that she's not tired, even when her eyes are drooping shut!
    Yay for Monday being OVER :)

  4. Glad to hear that Nick's class is going well even though he was injured teaching it. This is why I stick to the humanities. Far less chance for injury.

  5. My parents used to buy us comic books to read. Of course, back then, a comic book cost 25 cents. But they wanted us reading!

    Zane has a buzz cut on the sides, and trimmed short on top. He likes it, and it doesn't require too much work.

    Orthodontists scare me! Well, their prices do.

  6. Brusier sounds like me - I am never tired until I crash

  7. The more they protest the more tired they are ... if only they knew how good a nap can be.


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