Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spin Cycle--Obsession

The Spin Cycle is about obsessions.  Not something I really have.  Well maybe.  If you count books.

I am obsessed with reading. Romances, historical fiction, adventure stories, true crime, histories, mysteries, humor and the list goes on.  I have eclectic tastes.  Really it's whatever catches my interest. As long as I can read I'm a happy camper.
Nick laughs at me sometimes about my books.  I have them in every room in the house, even the bathrooms. This fact drives Nick crazy.  He's not a reader. It makes me feel good to know I can grab something to read if I need it.
Books in the living room

My "Library"

More of the "Library"

Books in the family room.

My reading obsession is so bad that, if pressed, I will even read the phone book.  Yes, the phone book. It's not really necessary these days, what with the Kindle apps, you can have books available anywhere. At least I don't have to weigh down the suitcase and worry that I will run out of reading material before we get back.
As far as obsessions go, this one is mostly healthy.  It doesn't impact those around me, much.  I try not to get consumed in a book to the point I tune out everything around me. It does happen, but only with new books.
I keep trying to share the love of books with the guys in my family.  It hasn't really caught on with them.  Nick has read some books, but he doesn't pick it as his first activity.  Turbo doesn't like to read. He likes graphic novels, but not regular books.  We have been reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone together. He likes the story, but the reading is not his favorite activity.  Bruiser might turn out to be a reader.  He likes books and he has had fun learning letters and I think he might take to reading, but you never know.
So what's your obsession?  Spin it up and let Gretchen know, she'll link you right up.
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  1. I love it! I'm of the firm belief that there should be books in every room of the house. Has Turbo tried any Roald Dahl? Jude was kind of meh about reading on his own until he discovered Dahl, then he went nuts and read everything the man ever wrote. Also, all of Jude's friends have discovered "Stickman Odyssey", which is kind of a combination of "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" and "The Odyssey". It's pretty cute. And essentially a graphic novel.

    You are linked!

  2. As a librarian/educator I firmly believe that reading anything is better than not reading at all. So if Turbo enjoys graphic novels let him go for it. I, also, think that you are setting a great reading example to your kids. Of course, I may be justifying my own reading addiction but I have to say my children turned out to be amazing readers. So I'm totally taking credit.

  3. I seriously can not go to the bathroom without something to read. Even if I will only be in there a minute, it is like I have a fear of being stuck in there for hours. I must have entertainment! haha

  4. I love books, but I'm really picky about the ones I'll actually buy, mostly due to lack of storage. Now that we have our built in bookshelves, that's not as big of an issue. But I like pretty books with hardcovers, even though they're my least favorite to read (too heavy!)
    I am addicted to the library and checking out books in person and on their kindle app.

  5. My daughter used to read the phone book all the time when she was younger. I thought it was so odd but she seriously enjoyed it!

  6. Wow, I am kind of jealous of your bookshelves; they look great!

  7. Still giggling over the shelf after shelf of books. Keep the faith. Son of mine did not like to read till sometime in his 20's. Now he has a couple going all the time!


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