Friday, May 24, 2013

Confession Friday

Time once again to confess for Friday.  It's Friday.  Finally.  It's been a long strange week here.  Parts were fun, parts were less than fun.  Let's get on with the confessions, shall we?
  • I don't like running.
  • I don't like running in the afternoon more than I don't like running in the morning.
  • It's easier to do when I'm not totally awake yet.
  • Big weekend for us.
  • Not only because of the holiday.
  • Turbo turns ten.  10. 
  • Tomorrow.
  • How can he be ten?
  • I don't feel old enough (most of the time) to have a 10 year old.
  • I've managed to cook according to the menu all week.  
  • I'm pretty proud of that.
  • And there hasn't been too much complaining about dinner this week.
  • Score one for mom!
  • Now to do it all over again next week.
  • Not a total fan of the repetitiveness of house work.
  • But since the gnomes, elves and fairies haven't found their way to my door yet...
What do you have to confess?  Link up with Aubrey and confess it all.

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  1. I find some of my best runs have occurred in the wee morning hours. However, when I was running all the time, I started having better afternoon runs if I ate about 2-3 hours before. So it was never consistent. Here, you have to run in the AM in the summer or you're screwed!

  2. I want to run but I am not good at it. I prefer walking.

  3. We ask ourselves all the time, how did our oldest get to be almost 30. We are just not that old!

    When the cleaning elves find your place could you direct them to mine. I'll send them up if they come here first.

  4. Happy birthday to
    turbo have a wonderful weekend

  5. O wow hope Turbo has a super birthday, 10 is a big milestone!

    I really dislike housework, you are not alone. If the cleaning fairies ever find their way to you please send them to me next.

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  6. Wow, 10 years old is a big deal! Happy for your boy!

    I really, really need to start running. Before it gets too hot or I'll put it off for another few months. Haha.

    Thanks for joining the Friday Confessional party. I hope you're having a fabulous holiday weekend.

  7. Haha, I'd probably do better running before I'm awake in nightmares! LOL
    Turbo turned 10...ugh, my oldest turns 10 on June 2nd. :/


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