Monday, April 22, 2013

Another Blah Weekend

This last weekend was nothing spectacular.  General domestic stuff, laundry. groceries, and hanging out with my kiddos. We are all feeling better, but I'm still tired.  That comes with being a mom though, I think.
Friday night we watched TV, had dinner, and then zoned.  Nothing exciting, so much so that I can't really remember what we watched.
Saturday I grocery shopped and then took the boys for a haircut.  Bruiser got the short little boy cut, but Turbo just wanted his hair trimmed for now.  We will see if he gets a buzz cut for summer.  We then returned the video game we had rented and got a new one for Turbo to play.  Since the weather has been less than conducive to going outside, playing video games is still a decent way to pass the weekend.
Nick headed into work for a bit and by Saturday evening we were all ready for a family movie night.  We watched Ice Age: Continental Drift and Hotel Transylvania.  Both were fun and just right for the boys.
Sunday morning, Nick took Turbo to the archery range for some practice shooting.  They had fun shooting and videoing with special effects. The rest of Sunday was spent vegging out.  I did finish the laundry--even the towels are folded and put away.  I have sheets to wash and I should do a load of Bruiser's clothes, but those are easy to do during the evening.
The one thing that we noticed this weekend was Bruiser and the new phrase he has picked up.  I was showing him his messy hair Saturday morning and he looked in the mirror and said"Holy shit!" I immediately told him he wasn't supposed to use that while I giggled hysterically on the inside.
He used the phrase a couple more times this weekend and the last time we really came down on him.  We definitely need to stop this cold, even if it's so cute that he uses it so correctly. Any one got any great alternatives we could offer him to use, some that don't involve a four year old using inappropriate language? No?  Just as well.  He's a stubborn little stinker and probably wouldn't like an alternative he doesn't come up with.

So all in all a nothing to exclaim over weekend.  And to top it all off, it's snowing here this morning.  3-5 inches predicted by tomorrow morning. We shall see what we get.

How was your weeknd?  More fun that mine?  Not that that's hard to do...


  1. I hear ya on the weekend. Ours was okay, but tough with Aubrey. I'm not sure I would have been able to contain my laughter with that holy shit thing, though!

  2. Elliot has gone through the "I'm going to curse and see how it affects you" phase. I still catch him now and then but I think we've mostly stopped it. I kind of hate that he still says shucks. But I don't know why.

  3. If he doesn't get a reaction he may stop on his own. Reactions are pretty important at his age.

    Our weekend was pretty uneventful also and that really isn't a bad thing in my opinion.

  4. it's hilarious when kids cuss.

  5. Tiger did the same on Friday. When I picked him up from school he wanted to stop a girl from talking to me and he came running up to us. The moment he realized he was too late it was ... aawh shit! So he got some tobasco on his tongue at home. Didn't bother him much, asked me for some more.

  6. Our weekend was pretty much the same. It just rained here though. Chris worked all weekend so the boys and I just hung out at home. We did check out a park a couple towns over on Saturday, until it started pouring.


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