Thursday, October 9, 2014

Spin Cycle--Happy Place

After my post yesterday, finding a happy place would probably be a good idea.  The thing is, depending on what I need a break form my happy place changes.
When I want to read a good book, any comfortable location will do, but I do love the chair in the living room. It's perfect for curling up in with a blanket, has a place to set a drink and good light.

I can get quite comfortable and then get lost in any number of happy places via a good book.  And that is probably my favorite happy place to go.  Inside a book, I can go any where and escape the mundane world for a far more exciting place--romance, action, fantasy, whatever catches my interest when I decide to read.  I'm looking forward to some time this winter with my books.
The other happy place I go is the mountains.  When ever the stress gets to be too much, a drive down some dirt road really helps to make me feel better.  ANd we ahve such fantastic scenery to explore here:

Yeah, I'd say the mountains are one of my happy places. A place where the stress just fades away.
Do you have a happy place?  Spin it up and link up with Ginny!


  1. I love getting lost in a good book! But then my problem is that I can't put it down and get my work done!

    The mountains are so beautiful. I wish we lived closer to them, but we are smack dab in the middle of the flat Midwest.

    Thanks for always linking up to the Spin Cycle! I love seeing your button every Thursday!

  2. Reading a good book is a great way to escape and your chair looks like a wonderful place to curl up and read.

  3. Oh the mountains...yep, I'd be happy there, too. We vacationed in Yellowstone a few years ago and look forward to going back.

    I hope you get your chances to read this winter! I'm hoping for a few good snow days myself.

  4. It's been so long since I have really read anything, that I had completely forgotten that aspect of life. I too think books are better than TV or the movies. My imagination is so much better than what they can come up with even with CGM, etc. Thanks for reminding me I need to start taking time to read.

  5. As I have written before, I love the state where you live. It can certainly provide many happy, relaxing places!


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