Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday 5 and A Confession or 6...

So it's Friday!  Can I hear a TGIF! Yes, this week is finally over!  And that's a lot of exclamation points, isn't it? On to the thoughts.

5 thoughts:
  1. We had a really good parent/teacher conference for Bruiser last night.  Evidently he is a bright, friendly, fun kid to have in class and his teacher loves him. Great big relief right there. Bruiser is rocking school! Now we have only one more set of parent/teacher conferences to get through.  I say set because we have four teachers to talk to for Turbo this year.
  2. Nick is back and that is so nice.  Someone else to help with the kids. Not that it was bad having him gone, but I so much prefer having him here.
  3. Did anyone see the eclipse we had Wednesday morning?  I didn't get up for it specifically, but I did get up to hit the bathroom and looked out the window at it.  It was beautiful!
  4. Not a whole lot planned for this weekend, but I might get a bit of time alone.  The boys are going to their grandparents for a couple hours tomorrow morning.  I can grocery shop in peace and tackle some house cleaning.  Sounds fun, hmmm??
  5. So happy to have a better handle on the freezers.  I have a really good idea of what is in them and where. Things I use daily--like veggies--are in the fridge freezer and the things we don't access as often are in the other freezers.  I will be so happy to consolidate to one freezer. We have an upright in the basement and a chest in the garage.  I want to go to one bigger upright in the basement.  We will get there eventually.
5 Pictures:
Looking across Lake Owen at the Snowy Range Peaks.

A better picture of the peaks and some cool clouds.

The dogs having fun.

Some of the mountain colors.

Pumpkin carving!

And now a confession or six:
  • I have laundry to do this weekend.
  • Since the laundry fairy took one look and flat refused to do it.
  • The cleaning gnomes got scared by the dust rhinos and so I have that to do to.
  • Scaredy cats.
  • I'm sort of sick of pumpkin everything.
  • But I'm good with the leaves changing and cooler weather.
  • Not so cool with the multi-legged wildlife the seems to be trying to live under our roof too.
  • Not a fan of spiders and millipedes.
  • Full body shiver.
  • Stupid voyeurs.
  • I always find them in the tub--just when I plan on getting in there.
  • I don't need to give the wildlife a peep show!
  • Wine or good dark beer this weekend, most definitely!
So do you have a confession or two?  Or six?  Link it up with Aubrey.


  1. Millipedes? Ick! Spiders, I can deal with, usually. Glad I'm not the only one with dust rhinos. I'm not so sick of pumpkins, but we aren't having cooler weather yet, and we don't get the pretty fall colors here, either. I just want October to be over already.

  2. Oh, you don't have dust bunnies you have dust rhinos. Love it.

  3. I wanted to see the eclipse and blood moon but it was 3:30 here- so really not a time I wanted to wake up.
    Yea for an awesome parent teacher conference! That makes a mama's heart so happy. Those clouds look so cool and brrr that snow!


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