Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday 5 with Confessions

Wooooo, it's Halloween! May today be just spooky enough!

On to 5 thoughts:
  1. Parenting a tween is not so easy.  They can talk back, have minds of their own and they ask questions.  So many questions, so much attitude, and he's not even 12 yet.  Turbo is going to give us a run for our money.  Why don't kids come with instruction manuals?
  2. We will be pumpkin carving this afternoon, after school.  Both boys will actually be getting into the whole thing this year. We got a couple of pretty great pumpkins and they are looking forward to creating masterpieces. I think it's a fabulous activity to kill time until trick or treating time. Which will also be happening for all the kiddos, even the tweens.
  3. Happy Halloween!  Can hardly believe that October is over and there is only a couple months til Christmas.  Does not seem possible that the year has flown by so fast.  I'm totally looking forward to the next couple holidays. we have some great fun planned!
  4. Turbo had a project due for school today.  His teacher was proactive enough to send an email with the specs of the project to the parents.  I got him rallied and focused, but he did the work.  It turned out pretty cool. And he got it done on time!  Too cool for my little procrastinator.
  5. Bruiser had a bit of a bug yesterday.  Some stomach thing with the required barfing.  Fun, fun , fun.  At least it was only a 24 hour thing.  He's right as rain and totally ready to Halloween it out today at school as Batman and then later for trick or treating as a vampire--which, let's face it is just another kind of bat man.
5 pictures:

Yes, I did dress up some for the downtown trick or treat.

Emmy Mom

And now for a confession or two or six:
  •  I'm looking forward to the TABs (Tasty Adult Beverages) that we moms will get after trick or treating tonight.
  • There has to be something to look forward to after shuttling 4 kiddos around the neighborhood.
  • I do have to exercise great will power to not hit the candy hard.
  • My hips do not need it.
  • I have to come up with something to give the kids for dinner tonight. 
  • You know, before they gorge on candy have a total candy overload.
  • There will be no dressing up for me tonight.
  • Tonight is all about the kiddos.
  • But I do get a drive in the mountains tomorrow.
  • We have to get firewood.
  • So working trip, but it's still the mountains.

What do you have planned for Halloween?

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  1. Great costumes. Hope you had fun! Enjoy your mountain trip.


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