Monday, October 20, 2014

I'm done--NEXT and MMMM

OK, so I took a bit of a blog break there.  Not intended, but we had a heck of a weekend.  Well, actually the weekend started far earlier than we intended it to.  Let's start at the beginning...
Thursday morning, at about 4am,  I got up to hit the bathroom (thank you kiddos for the can't last all night bladder) and coming out of the bathroom I stepped in something wet.  Now we have dogs and a cat so stepping on something wet on the floor is never a good thing.  I got some paper towels and attempted to mop up the wet, but there was lots more than there should have been for an animal produced accident.  So I went to check the utility rooms and found it was flooded.  I then got Nick up and he came to check what was up. At first we thought the pump for the furnace was broken.  It was but that was not the cause of the copious amounts of water on the floor. Turns out the water heater had failed. Wonderful. We replaced the water heater four years ago.
So we mopped up what water we could and then let work know that we would be taking an unexpected day so we could replace the stupid thing.  Off to Cheyenne we went, but this time we decided to get an on demand water heater.  No more tank to fail. This necessitated an complete change of plumbing and gas lines, but hey, now the tank is not in our bedroom any more.  That will make the gas company happy.
SO we are working like mad to get the water heater installed so we can take a shower, Nick has just about got the water lines done and he gets a call from his mother.  Well, let's back up a bit. Nick's mom first called mid afternoon and said Nick's dad had chest pains and they were headed to the emergency room.  She called back about 6:15 and said that They were going to move Nick's Dad to Denver so he could be under the care of a cardiologist.  Then the plans changed to Cheyenne as no beds were available in Denver.  Nick then took his mom over the Cheyenne so she could be with Nick's dad.
All of this and it's still only Thursday.  Friday morning we slept in and Then got back to the installation work.  We had a bit of a snafu with the water as the cold water valve had some sort of aerator/plug in it and water was not flowing though the water heater, but once we got that figured out and the venting worked out, Nick was able to take a shower before going to get his Mom and dad after his dad was discharged.  Turns out he had a minor heart attack. But he's home now and doing fine.
Saturday Nick finished up the final venting stuff for the water heater and the furnace and now they both vent up the chimney. This is awesome because the furnace used to vent into the back yard and in the winter created an impressive glacier. Now, no more glacier.
We didn't do much for the rest of the weekend.  Well, I did take the boys to the university homecoming parade.  and I did grocery shopping and what not, but we were really all about doing nothing exciting.  Sunday was deemed pajama day by the boys.  We had Nick's parents over for grill roasted chicken.  But otherwise it was low key.  We had had our excitement. Enough so that today was looking pretty good, even if it is a Monday.
And now for MMMM.  This week is a freebie week so let's see what I can come up with.
Darryl Worley Sounds Like Life to Me:
Rodney Atkins If You're Going Through Hell:
And where we really would have rather spent our weekend: Rodney Atkins Take a Back Road:
Go see the other freebie music this week!


  1. You almost had a Rodney triple play! *grins*
    Terrific picks.

  2. Great songs to go along with your horrendous week. Sounds awful! Glad it's over though and you can move on.

  3. You've rocked the house my friend thanks for joining us & have a great week.

  4. Oh my what a weekend!!!
    Glad his dad is doing well and home again.

    And that your water heater is fixed and looks like it's going much better all around!

    Wow. Aren't you glad it was a freebie week to just do what music you like :)

    Thanks for rocking.

  5. wow what a weekend glad dad is ok. Great song choices.


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