Thursday, October 23, 2014

Spin Cycle--At the...

At the grocery store, at the park, at the house, and at work.  That about encompasses my day any more. 

My day starts at 5:50am.  I sometimes sneak an extra five minutes, but not too often.  I hit the shower and then get dressed and head up stairs.  If I'm lucky, I get about 15-20 minutes to myself to check email, Facebook and such.  Then it's time to get kiddos up and moving for school.
Turbo is much easier to get up.  He's more like me in that once time to get up comes he just gets up.  He may move kind of slowly, but he moves.  Bruiser, on the other hand, is more like Nick and really likes to fall back to sleep if given the opportunity.  That kid will love the concept of the snooze button once he's old enough to have an alarm clock.
I guide kids through eating breakfast and getting Turbo out the door to his bus.  I also get Nick up and moving, but since he takes Brusier to school a bit later, he gets to sleep a bit longer in the morning. 
I head out the door to go to work about 7:15-7:20.  Mostly to be able to find parking.  Parking at our university is abysmal. Also, if I go in at 7:30, I can head home at 3:30.  I work through lunch and then can be home with the boys pretty soon after school.  It's really nice that they let me have a flexible schedule like that.

After work, it's guiding the boys through any homework they may have.  Turbo is getting better at it, but still likes me to be involved, for questions if nothing else.  He has been doing his reading homework on his own (which I will admit has me so very happy).

After that I get maybe a half hour to sit and do nothing before getting dinner ready.  That's when the I Don't Want to Cook bug doesn't hit me.  Which lately has been hitting far to often. We then eat around 5:30-6 and then zone in front of the TV, if we don't have some project around the house we are doing.

That is a typical weekday, but next week we are throwing in swim lessons two days a week. This will force me to come up with crock pot meals and actually get them in the crock pot in the morning so we have dinner when we get home from lessons.  This will prevent the stop for fast food, which we really don't need.
And a couple nights a week, when we can get together, I have been walking around the park with a friend.  The park is a half mile around so we put in about a mile and a half.  I should do more, but fitting it into the schedule is tough.  I will be working out some while the boys are in swim lessons.  Since I'm there and I have about 20 minutes, I should do something.
My life seems pretty mundane, but then there are those moments of excitement--last week and the water heater fail was one such moment.  We also do things to mix up the mundane on the weekends.  Last weekend there was a homecoming parade to attend with the boys, this week is the Downtown Scaramie Trick or Treat. I like to mix it up, but I can do without the surprises--a la appliance failure.
So how does your day go--lots of fun and surpeises or more on the mundane side.  SPin it up and link up!


  1. I worked at a university so I understand about parking. I got in early and took off early. As to the not wanting to cook bug, I make no bones about it, I do not like to cook. Sounds like you lead a very busy life.

  2. Oh, yes, I can relate to not wanting to cook! We eat around the same time as you do. I love my crock pot. It's so wonderful to have dinner already made when you walk into the house.

  3. I hear on cooking every night. Around 3:30 the worry starts to creep into my mind. What to serve? What is in the freezer? Better yet are there any leftovers?

    When I do plan, the Crockpot is a lifesaver. Do you have any good recipes to share?


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