Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ready, Set, Random!

So, yesterday felt like a Tuesday all day.  Not bad until I got up this morning and got to do Tuesday all over again. But it's Tuesday and we get to ranodom, so here we go:
  • Both boys had started to get into Blossom.  the old TV show with Mayim Bialik from the early 90s.  It was showing on the HUB network.  And we watched for like maybe a week or so and were really enjoying it.  And last night the HUB network became Discovery Family and is no longer showing Blossom. Neither boy is happy with the change. Can't say I'm thrilled either, Blossom was fun to watch.
  • And we have Turbo's parent/teacher conferences tomorrow night.  Not exactly looking forward to them. They shouldn't be too bad, but I still don't like them.
  • This:
  • I have started walking.  I go with a friend on Monday afternoons and try to go in the mornings around the campus.  Once the weather turns on us, we will have to start going to the rec center and walking there. I'm trying to find the mix of exercise that I can do and that fits the schedule.  Not so easy.
  • Hard to believe that October is half over.  Halloween is creeping up on us. Brusier is set on being a vampire/Dracula for Halloween.  Now I just need to find him a white button down shirt and black pants.  Harder than you think.  Maybe we can get away with really dark jeans...
  • Waiting for this time today:
  • And really like this for the old bucket list:
So what's your random for today?
Go see Stacy and random it up!



  1. I used to love watching Blossom! My kids aren't into it but they like Full House reruns.

  2. I forgot about Blossom. It was a good show. I used to run stadium stairs. Outside...football...inside...arena. And at other times in the dorms. White Hall was the best.


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