Monday, October 27, 2014

Good Weekend and MMMM

We had a busy, but good weekend.  No disasters, no big issues.  Sadly Nick was unable to find the wily wapiti (elk).  Our freezer will remain more or less empty until next year when he can try again. The weather was just too warm this year.  We have yet to have a really good snow storm.  I'm really looking forward to the first one that sticks.  It knocks down all the allergens floating around and I can breathe easy again.
Anyway, the boy had a balst with the downtown trick or treat.  Turbo even dressed up and really appreciates the candy he scored.  I though they looked pretty cute.
My guys

The 1930s detective

We will get to do it all again on Friday.  I'm still trying to convince Bruiser to wear his batman costume to school because it would just be easier. I may be unsuccessful in this effort.
Bruiser also had a birthday party at the Gymnastics School again.  He loved it.  The poor birthday boy had to get stitches before coming as the wind caught the car door and it hit his eyebrow. The gymnastics school was less fun for him as he couldn't do some of the really fun stuff, but I think he still managed to have fun. I know Bruiser had fun.  He was actually ready to go to bed early Sunday night.
I also got most of the general weekend chores done.  Still need to vacuum, but laundry is done and I actually cooked soup yesterday.  Well I let the crock pot cook it, but still.
And with Halloween creeping up on us and our attempts at getting Halloween movies watched, or kid friendly Halloween movies, the music this week will be Halloween inspireed, even if it is a freebie week.
So MMMM picks for this week:
Ray Parker, Jr. Ghostbusters:

THe song from The Prisoner of Azkaban, Double Double, Toil and Trouble:
And from Beetlejuice: Jump In the Line:

Have a happy Halloween!


  1. Is the good detective hunting the dracula? :)

    Thanks for rocking with us. Glad you had a good weekend.

    Aloha :)

  2. Oh the kids look so cute!
    Your music is perfect!

  3. First your little men are rocking their costumes. Second you chose all my favorite song especially the one from Beatlejuice.

  4. Great job my friend! I thought it was bubble bubble toil & trouble hehehehe Oh well HAPPY HALLOWEEN & THANKS for joining us - sorry I'm so late, but better late then never I always say! HUGS AND.... BOO!

  5. A 30's detective is a cool costume! You just don't see kids dressing like that now, but Count Dracula is a fun get up for Halloween ware always! Trick or Treating twice (or 2 or three times)seems normal anymore. What a sugar overload! I can't imagine ALL the candy kids get today. I guess Mom & Dad has to help them eat it, huh? Fantastic music! I loved dancing to your tunes while making breakfast. Have a safe & fun Halloween, Vandy!


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