Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Moving Past the Blahs

The last couple of months have been not so easy for me.  I am stuck in the blahs.  We do fun things, and I'm getting out, but still, I just feel down. It's an effort to keep a happy face and not get crabby and snappy with the boys.  I'm not sure what I need to do to snap out of it, but I need to figure out something.
I've had small reprieves from the down in the dumps, blah feeling.  Getting out with the girls, going to the mountains, but the blahs always creep back in.  It might be the time of year, even though I love fall.  Or it could just be me. I just can't summon enthusiasm for much these days.
I wouldn't call it depression so much.  I don't feel terrible, but I know I'm just not really happy either. I'm feeling blue.  And there isn't a switch I can flip to make me happy again. I really wish there was.
I really don't know where this has come from, it's not like I have a ton of stress.  Things have actually gotten better in the stress department lately.  The routine has gotten back on track and I feel much better for that.
Maybe it's the urge to hibernate that I feel at this time of year.  Or maybe it's something else entirely.  I just can't seem to be happy. I really want to improve my mood, but I'm finding that it's not so easy.
I need to be more positive so my mood doesn't rub off on the rest of the family.  Because in our house, moods transfer faster than cold germs do.
So, I am going to try to work on my mood.  See if I can't kick myself out of the blues I've been mired in for the last few months. 
  • Exercise is supposed to help.  I really need to commit to exercise in one form or another three times a week.  
  • I need to read for pleasure.  I've sort of let this slide.  I know reading for pleasure, for me, is a great way to improve my mood. I just need to do it.
  • Do more active things around the house.  Cleaning, but also organizing, and start working on getting the attic in shape to move Turbo up there by this spring. This has a couple benefits, one I will ultimately end up with a room to scrap book in again, and Bruiser will get a room with a window in it.
  • Go swimming, walking, or just plain outside stuff with the boys while we can.  The weather is not going to hold out for much longer.  Snow is coming. We are looking forward to cross country skiing this year.  Bruiser is old enough to start learning. So we all get to go.
  • Remind myself that there is lots of good in my life.  Things to smile over and feel good about.  Maybe this will help lift the cloud of gloom that seems to be sitting over my head.
Got any other ideas?  I'm open to suggestions.  I really want to feel bright and happy again. To shake off the blues that have their hooks in me. hopefully acknowledging the blues will help me work on shaking them off.

I'm joining up with Shell for her Pour Your Heart Out.


  1. I'm starting to think it really is this time of year... I LOVE Fall, and yet, I can relate to how you've been feeling. To a certain degree, I've been feeling very blah lately too. I chalk it up partly to that need I have this time of year to hibernate, the extra 12 lbs I've put on in recent months... just not happy these days, even though there isn't anything majorly wrong or stressful. The exercise & reading will definitely help, they always help me. Hopefully you (& I) shake the blahs soon...

  2. Getting enough sleep, exercise, and quiet time helps me. So does getting outside in the fresh air.

  3. Man, I have been the same way. I think all your ideas do help but maybe do something that feels sort of forbidden or bad. Like, I treated myself to some sinful ice cream once and the idea of doing it all for me really helped. I think as mothers, we tend to put ourselves aside so much that we never really do selfish things. But we need to.

  4. Have you try meditation? There are some really good free guided meditation on youtube. They work for me :) Best of luck!

  5. I would go with meditation too. While meditating, I would ask myself what the problem is. You might be surprised what answer you might get.

  6. I'm feeling the same way. I know it will pass, but getting through it is hard.


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