Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday 5--Moving Forward

So, yeah I sort of missed this last week.  Ww had a water heater failure that necessitated some pretty major changes in our basement.  Also tons of clean up.  It finally doesn't smell musty or damp in our basement.  Not that there isn't still areas that need cleaning, but most everything is dry now.  Let's get on to the fun stuff from the last week.

5 Thoughts:
  1. I walked twice this week around the park near our house.  And tried to get a walk in during my day and succeeded in that a couple other days this week.  Adding bits and bobs of activity are the best way for me to incorporate exercise.  I'm just not committed.
  2. The boys start swim lessons next week.  This gives me twice a week 20-25 minutes of time at the rec center.  I can exercise there on an elliptical or maybe even swim. Depends on how motivated I am.  Nick might even join us for the exercise time.
  3. We have been totally enjoying Face Off on SYFY network.  It's a makeup artist contest show.  I like it because the artists are supportive of each other, not all back bitey and mean to each other, like you get on some competition shows. The final show is this next week and we are looking forward to it.
  4. Turbo has been doing better in school.  He's actually working at it and not just phoning it in.  Amazing what putting a bit more effort in to it will do, isn't it?
  5. We have a nice busy weekend coming up.  The downtown does a trick or treat and we always go.  Bruiser has a birthday party on Sunday and Nick is going hunting--May he bring home the big one this weekend--please oh please!

5 Pictures:
My monkey, trying out for American Ninja!


Halloween Cookies.  Must make more.

Bruiser's Halloween pumpkin chain.

Turbo and fedora.


  1. Here's hoping your hubs brings something good home. The only busyness we have this weekend are flag games and the pumpkin patch. We're actually not over committed for once!

  2. Oh I want some sugar cookies! My favorite! So awesome about the walks, really just being active regularly makes a big difference. I haven't heard of Face Off, it sounds good, and I love that they are nice to each other. Thanks so much for linking up!

  3. Cute cupcakes! Glad you got your basement taken care of.


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