Monday, October 13, 2014

Relax! And MMMM

We had a pretty easy going weekend.  There was some grandparent time, tons of cleaning, time with friends and some relaxing that went on.  Over all it was great.
Saturday dawned with Nick going hunting.  He wasn't successful, but the season isn't over yet.  There's still time and perhaps the weather will cooperate and get the animals moving.
I dropped the boys off with Papa and Nana and headed to get the dreaded grocery shopping done.  Then home to tackle the laundry, clean like a mad fool and get dinner in the crock pot.  We had friends over for dinner and an adult beverage or two. It was really nice to kick back with good friends and let the conversation flow.
Sunday I finished laundry and took Bruiser to a play date. He had a blast and since the weather didn't let them go outside they played inside and there were no major blow ups or melt downs.  Over all it was a win all around.
When I got home I conquered a bout of the blahs and actually made up dinner.  It was a sort of creamy cajun shrimp and sausage pasta.  Nick and Turbo loved it. Bruiser had a ham sandwich. I keep hoping Bruiser will get more adventurous in his eating, but it hasn't happened yet.
We then spent the evening watching Halloween movies--first Haunted Mansion from Disney and then Hocus Pocus, also from Disney.  It was nice to do family movies, even if Bruiser protested mightily over Haunted Mansion.

And now on to MMMM.  Nick likes to watch the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  He records it because we could never stay up to watch it.  Yesterday he caught up on some episodes and one of them had Gwen Stephani and Blake Shelton doing a lip sync contest with Jimmy.  Blake's first song was Puttin on the Ritz by Taco.  It became a total ear worm for me so here you go:
And since we saw it last night, here is Bette Midler with I Put a Spell on You:
And here's the Doors with People are strange, which has a Halloween vibe to it:
Enjoy.  Tis the season of all things spooky right?


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  2. Well, yes people are strange sometimes aren't they. I love love Hocus Pocus! The song is great, and so is the movie. Great choices there girlfriend.

  3. Glad you had a very good weeked.

    I still haven't yet seen the Hocus Pocus. I will have to watch sometime.

    Thanks for rocking.


  4. So far o haven't watched any of,the usual Halloween themed movies. I got to get with it and watch something appropriate.

  5. Hey, great Halloween songs! And I love those two movies! I was actually planning on having the kids watch them - they've never seen those movies before! ;)

  6. Putting on the Ritz is a favorite of mine for sure. and anything Bette midler gets my attention.

  7. I love Bette Midler! Great Halloween songs for sure - we really need to do a family movie night soon, might have to borrow your choices! ;)

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