Friday, March 29, 2013

Woo Hoo! It's Friday!

So it's Friday.  And this weekend is Easter. Dying eggs, Easter Bunny, family and all that jazz.  Better confess so I feel up to this weekend.

  • I'm not a huge fan of dying eggs.  
  • The boys enjoy it.
  • Me, eh, I can take it or leave it.
  • I'm annoyed with Blogger this morning.
  • When I logged in on Firefox it was all jumpy.
  • Maybe it was Firefox, but it was distracting enough to make me go use Chrome to log in.
  • I just love technology.
  • Migraines can go suck an egg.
  • Wine is definitely in order for tonight.
  • This last week has been long, draw out, strange and just plain unenjoyable.
  • The brightest spot was doing our taxes.
  • We don't have to pay so there's that.
  • Going home time can't come soon enough.
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  1. Yep, I was pretty happy the year that the boys decided they didn't want to dye eggs. I can relate!

  2. I never introduced the whole dying eggs thing to my kids. I always just got them the plastic ones with candy inside. I hate dying eggs...hated it as a child...decided not to subject my children to're better than I my dear. And wine is always in order!! :-) Happy Easter


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