Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday Random Talking

And another Monday bites the dust.  It was the strangest Monday.  Busy, but not problematic.  Late start for some of us. Early for others.  But now it's Tuesday and that means Random Time.

  • Bruiser didn't cry at daycare drop off yesterday.  It was amazing.  And oh so appreciated by both mom and the sitter. Hope today can be as nice.
  • We are making forward progress again on the potty front.  We may be shooting it all in the foot with the trip we are taking, but maybe not. We can only see.
  • Turbo has been doing well.  He's managing to get his work done at school and that is making him quite proud of himself.
  • Insomnia really needs to pack its bags and move out.  It has taken up residence recently, but we are not happy with this particular house guest.
  • I started reading the Parasol Protectorate by Gail Carriager.  Fun paranormal steampunk series. I'm really enjoying it--it's light and fun and interesting.  I may be reading when I should be doing other things like dishes, blogging, and such.
  • Two weeks until our spring break road trip.  We are semi excited.  OK, way excited. And not a bit nervous about being in the car for so long with little boys. I am hoping that I have enough to keep them occupied.
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  1. Where are you off to for vacation? I'm sure you wrote about it but I totally missed it :-) Here's hoping the potty training continues to go well!

  2. Have you tried sleeping meds? I mean, I worry about taking anything but maybe Unisom would work.

  3. That's great that Bruiser is doing so well at being dropped off! Good luck with the potty training!!
    Last year there was a Doctors episode about having trouble getting to sleep at night that I found super helpful. A lot of it had to do with lighting, room temperature, and turning all electronics off an hour before bed or something like that.

  4. I'm excited for Spring Break too... I don't have anything planned yet though. I better get on that huh! :)

  5. Lucky! A trip sounds really nice. I think our next one won't be til after Piglet is here.
    Glad to hear things are progressing on the potty training front!

    I love a good book that's light and easy to read. Those are my favs.

  6. I hoping that Bruiser will do great since he'll have all those wonderful examples.


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