Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spin Cycle--Sing a Song

Gretchen chose songs for the topic this week.  She even suggested a vlog where you sing.  I'm not that great a singer, so I'll spare you my attempts at singing.
I like to sing, but only with the radio.  And since we have spent loads of time in the car this week while on our road trip songs have helped to pass the time.
Most frustrating is that the MP3 player we have is now outdated.  We get to get a new one.  But only after some comparison shopping.  I hesitate to get an iPod.  the newest ones do too much.  We just want something that plays music, not games, videos and everything. But that hunt will wait until we get home.
We have spent the trip hunting for radio stations and when that failed, we went old school and threw in a CD. Def Leoppard helped with the final few miles today.
I'd throw on a few of our favorite road trip songs, but finding them and adding them with the connetion i have might be more trouble than it's worth.
Do you have road trip songs?  Or do you have commuting songs?  Songs that help the miles pass?  Share, they may join our tried and true tunes, once we fix our MP3 troubles.

Spin it up and let Gretchen know--she'll link you right up.
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  1. I love to crank up Janis Joplin, roll down the windows and sing along at top decibels! I also remember a particular trip to San Francisco, when "Free Falling" by Tom Petty came on right as I was driving over the Golden Gate Bridge, and it just seemed like the perfect driving over a bridge song.

    Good for you for posting on your vacation!!

    You are linked!

  2. When I'm really frustrated or angry, I have been known to blast The Offspring. I'm a big Mumford and Sons fan, too, but honestly, the XM 90s station is always a good choice :-)

  3. Lately we have been into country rap. My husband and I always hated rap because of the language and content. Country rap as an awesome beat without too much swearing and they rap about stuff we can relate too! Hayes loves it too! It is so cute to see a 1 year old rocking out to songs about lifted trucks and muddin.

  4. i love craning up anything old school like van halen, Lynard Skynard, zz top and just have fun


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