Monday, March 11, 2013

Why is it Monday?

Turbo greeted this morning with "Why is it still dark out?!"
My answer,"Because we had a time change."
"I hate the time change!  I want that hour back!"
Pretty much how we all feel kiddo.

For a weekend, this one wasn't bad.  the predicted blizzard was not so impressive.  the weathermen need to recalibrate the magic 8-ball they are using to guess the weather.  They were way off on this one, or they thought we all needed the exercise in preparedness. We got maybe an inch of snow that blew around for half the day.  Hardly enough to be concerned with here.  And a far cry from the almost 11 inches they threatened.
I was home with the boys on Saturday, playing with the laundry.  I succeeded in getting almost all of it done Saturday, with only towels to dry and sheets to wash.  I call that a win.  Nick went to an archery shoot and didn't do too bad for not having shot for quite a while. 
I made chili and everyone ate it--with only minimal complaints about not liking chili.  Even Bruiser ate it.
Sunday (post time change) Nick had to go early to help break down the targets from the archery shoot--he's now a board member and gets the fun of helping with stuff like that. After he got home, I was able to go with a friend and do some shopping.  She needed a swim suit (one of the worst kind of shopping to do) and I needed a few shirts for work, bras and such. We were successful in finding a suit she could live with.  Not one that made her feel great, but that she would wear. Then we went and had seafood at Red Lobster.  It was wonderful grown-up girl time.  So necessary and so appreciated.
This morning came way to early, even though I wasn't up late last night.  Looking forward to next week when we are headed out for Spring Break.  All I have to do is pack, get activity books put together for the boys, make treasure bottles for them and then round up all the activity things I have for them.
It'll all come together as the week progresses.
How was your weekend?  I kind of liked ours--with the large exception of the time change.


  1. The time change totally threw us off also. I went shopping this weekend too. I should have bought some new bras but just didn't feel up to it. Now, the new phone was a whole other matter.

  2. Really, the time change didn't affect our Sunday, just this morning when we messed up our alarm clock. I haven't truly felt any effects... yet.

  3. We're learning how to deal with the time change. Aubrey seems to be adjusting but putting her to bed when it still is light out can be a task in and of itself!

  4. I couldn't fall to sleep last night because I was so concerned about not getting enough sleep! :/

  5. I would like that hour back too! Ugh!


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