Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spin Cycle--Why, Why, Why

Spin cycle topic of the week: Why?  Gretchen want to know why?  Well so do I:

Why is it that so many before and after pictures on TV (especially for facial and hair loss correction) don't match?

Why do I always find more dishes after finishing the ones in the sink?

Why is there always more month than paycheck?

Why does the glass of wine so often turn into the bottle of wine?

Why does Turbo think grunting and burping are acceptable sounds to make all the time?

Why can't Bruiser really get the whole pooping thing figured out?

Why do cats aim not only for the carpet, but carpet where you will walk when they throw up?

Why does the beach and cabana boys with fruity drinks sound so relaxing?

Why does an unexpected hug make the day so much better?

Why do little boys ask the same question over and over?

Why are 80s fashions coming back in style?

Why is life so complicated?

Why does the simple question "what's for dinner?" create so much debate?

Why are children so picky about eating?

Why is the bed always the most comfortable five minutes before you have to get up?

Why do I hate the taste of toothpaste?

Why are eggs considered a breakfast food?

Why ask why?


Go see Gretchen for more Why questions.  Ask some yourself and join in the spin cycle fun--the spin is open until Friday.
Second Blooming


  1. Why indeed ... think I've asked most of these ... especially the one about why the best is the most comfortable just before you have to get up ...

  2. I hear you sister. The grunting and burping noises? Do boys really need to do that? And this morning, I'm particularly identifying with the "five minutes before you have to get up" thing!

    You are linked!! Thanks for this week's inspiration!

  3. Ah, I share many of the same "why's"... now if only we could find the answers!!

  4. Ugh, why do animals always aim for the carpet? My dog does that when he has the rare accident in the house. It drives me insane!!

  5. We eat eggs for dinner more than breakfast!
    I tagged you!!

  6. Why do the before and after pictures never match? That is always a question we ask in our house!

  7. We eat more eggs for dinner than breakfast too! :)

  8. Ahhhh I'm with you on the beach, fruity drinks & cabana boys!!!

    Also the entire last half of your post is so completely true!


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