Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Break 2013 (Or Not so Random Tuesday)

So last week we went on an epic car trip.  We took 11 Geology students (all 21+) to Las Vegas, Death Valley, Long Beach, Part of Route 66, Flagstaff, The Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Glenwood Springs and home. We survived and every one had a good time--mostly.
We started out Saturday morning at o'dark thirty.  It was a long drive to Vegas--800 miles.  We made it and our hotel was about a block from Fremont Street.  We got a bit of goggling at the lights and such before Bruiser got sick--he threw up all over Fremont Street.  Nothing they haven't seen before--but I'll bet it usually comes from older, more inebriated people.
Happy under the lights of Fremont Street.

Day 2 was spent in Death Valley, looking at geology and enjoying the 90 degree heat.  So much better than the weather back home.
282 feet below sea level, and we don't have to hold our breath.

How Bruiser spent the day.

Turbo loved hanging with the students and checking out the rocks.

Then we headed out to Long Beach on day 3.  The drive was not so bad.  It could have been lots worse--we managed to get in before rush hour traffic.

Day 4 I took the boys to the aquarium while Nick took the students on a field trip to look at outcrops of formations on the beaches to the south of LA. I also go to have a meet up with Gretchen of Second Blooming. My first ever bloggy meetup.  It was great.  She took us to the beach--Santa Monica--and we talked while the boys played in the sand and got their feet wet in the ocean. She also took us to Venice Beach and the boys got to play at a playground--after we got sweatshirts--it was chilly.
Trying to pet the sharks.

Diggin in the sand

Sand--every boys dream.

Gretchen and I.

Day 5 we took off for Flagstaff--with a side track on some of the Mother Road--Route 66.  I even got to see the Road Kill Cafe. No we didn't eat there--no time.

Day 6 we hit the Grand Canyon--sort of a "There it is Kids" stop.  Got some pictures but would ahve liked more time there, truly. After that we headed for Glenwood Springs Colorado by way of Monument Valley. It was a very long day.

Day 7 was a short hop home ahead of the weather that was threatening to hit.  We made it home and had no major whammies so all in all a successful trip. Oh there was grumbling about early leave times and not getting to spend a lot of time in certain places, but Nick and I didn't come up with the itinerary, the students did.
The one arch near Moab that is next to the highway.

I'm so glad we went and would do it again if asked--but with a bit more input about the schedule.
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  1. Sounds like a great trip; I don't know how my boys would hold up that many days n the car. Two on the way to Chicago was enough!

  2. Looks like you had a great spring break. You are one brave lady for taking 11 others with you. Is your husband a teacher?

    Thanks for linking up with us, as always!

  3. aw poor Bruiser. Glad you guys still had fun. Looks like a great way to spend spring break!

  4. That sounds like such a great trip! Glad to hear Bruiser rebounded from his bout of sickness in Vegas and that the trip was a success! :)

  5. Aw poor Bruiser, being sick is no fun.
    The trip looked super fun though, I can imagine you guys had a blast!!

  6. I haven't been to most of those places but remember my Dad would go the long way through areas just to see if he could find geological things to reference. I never got why he cared so much about rocks and layers and stuff.. I appreciate it now and can't believe how much you can learn from a rock! Pretty impressive!! Sounds like fun-- although the thought of a long road trip makes my butt hurt.

  7. Ohhhhh! That looks like such an awesome trip! Especially getting to meet Gretchen in person - two of some of my favorite people in one place! :) Maybe you'll have to do the trip again after I've moved to Seattle - and I'll drive down to meet you both! :)

    Love all the shots - and I didn't know that you guys were taking 11 geology students along for the ride - how fun! Sorry Bruiser got sick - hopefully he's feeling better by now! :)

    Spring Snow, Easter Egg Teaser, Tulip Destructo Kitty and Purple Day: RTT Rebel

  8. Wow you packed a lot in! Yay for bloggy friends:) too bad bruiser couldn't just hop on the hangover bus and feel better!!

  9. What a great trip! You will forever talk about it as a family.
    We went to Death Valley in June 2011. Largest Nat'l Park! Isn't it crazy how the lowest point and highest point in the Lower 48 are just 80 miles from each other???
    You have some awesome sites near you too. One year we were passing thru Cheyenne on way to SD and found ourselves in Guersey and saw Oregon Trail wheel ruts. You could stand on them. It was deserted and incredible.
    What a sweet family you have.

  10. I'm assuming hubby is a teacher? What a neat trip! Sounds like everyone had a great time. I loved seeing all the pictures! 890 miles! Ugh. What a loooong trip! You're a brave woman! Lol!

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  11. What a fun trip! That was definitely a ton of driving. If you were in Vegas/Death Valley and drove to the California beach then you drove right through my city on your way :)

    Sadly I have never been to the Grand Canyon, it is on my list


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