Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WWTK--Spring is in the Air?

Time for We Want to Know with Kensie and Scriptor,  This week is all about
  1. Are you affected by the "Winter Blues"? We do get the blues--more like cabin fever from being stuck inside so much. Does Winter drag on where you live? Winter does drag on and on here.  We won't see truly spring like weather until mid April and the trees won't start leafing out until May.
  2. What is Spring like where you live, and when does it arrive? Spring brings truly psychotic weather changes from snow to sunshine in the space of hours and sometimes minutes.  There was one Saturday morning that a friend and I went out to photograph tulips and daffodils and other spring flowers in the morning--a pleasant 60 degrees and then by lunch there was three inches of snow and more falling. Spring really takes it's sweet time getting here and is quite short.  We roll into summer very quickly.
  3. Do you have plans for Spring Break or an upcoming vacation? Yes, yes we do have plans.  Las Vegas, Death Valley, Long Beach, Flagstaff and Glenwood Springs all in seven days by car. With our two boys and 14 geology students--all over the age of 21. It will be epic.  Trying to think positive here.
  4. Have you ever done a true Spring Break to a beach somewhere to party, etc? No.  I was never one to go do that--no friends who could afford to go and to far away and our spring break is early and the excuses go on and on.
  5. What is your favorite thing about Spring? I like seeing things green up again.  And knowing that camping season is right around the corner.

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  1. Sounds like you have some really cool trips coming up!

  2. Fun trips! T's been out to Death Valley for work trips (testing on trucks), but that has been in the dead heat of August. He says it's pretty interesting out there. Have fun!

  3. I think I'm juuuuust starting to get the itch for spring. Up until the past few days, I've been happy with winter. But the warmer air and the puddles are starting to get me excited for the spring!

  4. Cabin fever is the perfect way to describe it! All of our seasons are very rainy, we even have a tendency to get rain in the Summer ha ha. Your weather sounds similar to ours :D
    Your Spring Break plans sound really fun!!
    Thanks so much for linking up with us!

  5. The road trip sounds fun to me. I'm sure your boys will enjoy it all!

    I too love when the green comes back.


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