Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Random Snowy Tuesday

After surviving Monday, it is now Tuesday and it's quite snowy here.  More on that in a minute. Right now it's time to get on to the random:

  • So the weather prediction for yesterday was 70% chance of snow with little or no accumulation. It started snowing around 3pm.  By 7pm we had about 8 inches of snow and it was still snowing.  I really want to try what ever the weather people have been smoking, cause it must be good.  They certainly aren't actually predicting the weather.
  • I had fun shopping this weekend.  What is it about shopping with friends that is so fun?  I got some new shirts, a purse, and some bras.
  • I dislike bra shopping.  So many bras that purport to be my size have so much padding in them they could function as a flotation device. I look like a weirdo when I bra shop.  I feel up the bras looking for one that doesn't have lots of padding.  I really don't need the girls pushed up to my chin. I did find some that ended up being comfortable without flotation level padding.
  • We have a couple of Linuses at our house.  Both boys are very into their blankets.  Turbo has a green one and Bruiser has a soft fuzzy one with Mickey on it. It's sort of cute.
  • BBCAmerica has a show on it called Bang Goes the Theory.  It's all geeky and sciency and interesting--sort of a science oriented version of Mythbusters. We have been enjoying it on Monday nights.
  • How hard do the Kaboom people have to work to make the bathrooms look that horrible?  If my bathroom looked that dirty, I'd have more to worry about than what cleaner to use.
  • I have really been hooked by steampunk recently. It's quirky and different enough to catch my interest. What is steampunk?  Think Victorian times with steam powered machines--Jules Verne, Wild Wild West, Van Helsing--these have all been steampunk type stories/movies.  Some lean more toward vampires and werewolves and steam powered machines.  Fun and interesting.
  • From Facebook: Have you ever looked at someone and thought I can see the wheel turning, but the hamster looks dead? More often than I want to admit.
  • Also from Facebook but it sums up my feelings on "Daylight Saving time"

  • There has been general time change hate around our house the last couple of days.  Sunday wasn't too bad--but then you don't really have to get up early on Sunday.  Monday was rough.  today was not much better.  It was nice last week, it was light when the boys were getting up.  Now it's dark again.
  • We are making treasure bottles tonight. Something for the boys to play with on the trip.  I've been meaning to make these for a while.  Bottles with bird seed or rice and little things to hunt down in it like alphabet beads, fun shaped buttons or beads, small toys, what ever will fit into the bottle. Fill the bottle about 2/3 full of rice and add the trinkets in and shake.  then kids get to spend time finding the stuff hidden in the rice by turning the bottle.  Fun for the boys--I hope.
And there you have my random.  Go see Stacy for more.
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Seriously Shawn


  1. we are having a dreary March break (I'm in Canada) but no snow thankfully!! Not sure how I would react to that!

    I don't know much about Steampunk, but have seen a lot of steampunk jewelry out there that is pretty cool!

  2. I am not a fan of Daylight Savings and I agree with the Old Indian.

  3. Your treasure bottles sound like so much fun! Hope you all have a great trip - making memories together!

  4. Little to no accumulation and you got all that snow?? Sheesh, they really are backwards, aren't they? Like our promise of 6-10 inches and we got no accumulation. :( I've often said I'd love to get paid the big bucks the weather people get paid to always be wrong. ;)

    I hate bra shopping - I can never find sexy ones for my ginormous knockers - and yeah, what's with all the extra padding? I have enough, thankyouverymuch. Or the ones that turn your boobs into cone boobs - ugh.

    I'll have to check out that BBCAmerica show - I'm intrigued!

    I've been hooked on steampunk recently, too!

    Loved your Daylight Saving Time post on Facebook - and I love that we both posted in in RTT today! :)

    I love the idea of treasure bottles! I'm going to have to remember that for our next road trip. :)

    Daylight Saving Time, Cat-Scratch Fever, Toothpaste Shortage: RTT Rebel

  5. Oh, wow! That's a lot of snow for "little or no accumulation"!! It amazes me how often they are STILL wrong about the weather...

    I hate time changes. I'm still outta whack. I know it doesn't take long to adjust, but waking up this morning in the dark after weeks of sunny risings really sucked the big one.

  6. Bra shopping is the worst! Half of the ones I try on look awful on me.

  7. LOL, love the Indian quote. I don't understand daylight savings time at all. I really wish we would just do away with it, like Arizona did. They have the right idea!

    I need to check out Bang Goes the Theory. We love nerdy shows where you learn something.

  8. Holy snow Batman! We didn't get any this year :(

    Bra shopping is super duper sucky. I'm with you on the "feeling" them up. LOL


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