Monday, March 4, 2013

Wait, It's not Monday is it?

I blinked and I missed this weekend.  It went by so very fast.  They always do when you have fun.
Ours started early when Nick decided that we needed to head out of work, take a bit of vacation time and get out of town.  We went to Cheyenne and shopped a bit and had lunch. We got new stuff for the aquarium, some clothes, and other necessities. We also had lunch and Buffalo Wild Wings.  And intersting experience.  The food was OK, but not anything special.  I'd go again, but it's not a place that's high on my list, but it was new and that counts.
Friday night we hung out with the kids and watched movies.  Nothing special, just family time.
Saturday the boys headed to Papa and Nana's and we got the morning to grocery shop, have coffee together, and then get things around so Nick could bottle the amber he had brewed.  A bit hoppy for my tastes, but not bad.
Saturday afternoon I took Turbo to the park to meet up with friends.  the river held far more allure than the playground equipment. Since there was ice, we adults had an interesting time convincing kids that standing close to the edge was a bad idea. There was only one close call and no one got overly wet.
Dinner was chinese and all 12 of us descended on the restaurant.  They remember us now.  Hard to forget a group like us who come once a year. says something for the restaurant that they have the same waiters each year for the last three or four anyway.
View from the kid table to the adult table.

After dinner it was off the hang out, tell stories, and have a few TABs.  Nick and I headed home with Bruiser at about 10:30pm.  Turbo stayed there for an overnight.  Fun was had by all.
Sunday was much quieter, we had breakfast with them and then came home and got everyone to rest. Bruiser pooped.  Hallelujah! Now to see if he keeps up with it.
Overall, busy weekend.  I have got to stop blinking.  Time moves too fast when I do. How was your weekend?  Busy or relaxing?  Ours was fun, but more the gone-by-in-the-blink-of-an-eye type.

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  1. Your weekend sounds really nice; I think we need a busier weekend soon, to remind me how much I enjoy the slower ones.


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