Monday, March 4, 2013

Sweetheart Swap!

I got my goodies for teh sweetheart swap Friday.  They came from the lovely Jennifer of Busy Being Jennifer.

She sent me some great stuff:
  • chalkboard paint
  • body lotion
  • starbucks instant coffee
  • fun girly tape
  • lip gloss
  • a cute picture frame
  • a reusable drink cozy
  • and a nice bag to keep it all in or use for other girl stuff.
I really liked sending Jennifer stuff adn you should go check out her blog.
Thank you to the lovely hosts Angie and Beth and go see what other people scored for the swap!


  1. You totally got SPOILED! Beth and Angie are amazing for setting up this Swap BLOG! I have caught the swapping bug :)

  2. What a fun package, so glad your partner and you enjoyed it! :) Thanks for participating!

  3. OoOoOo...awesome! Between the tape and the chalkboard paint, you're gonna have fun crafting. :D Thanks for joining us for this swap- and for being a great partner!

  4. So glad you liked your package! :) I just got mine yesterday. I've been sick for ages and finally had my MIL go get the mail :) I love the pig! :) Thanks so much!


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