Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Turbo Times

Turbo is navigating the ins and outs of middle school.  In some ways he's dealing well with the changes.  In others, it's more challenging.
The school work seems to be coming to him much more easily than it did last year.  He is not as afraid of writing.  Blank pages and a writing assignment don't send him into a panic. It's good to see him writing, misspellings and all.
He is enjoying French class so far.  He likes to tell us the words he is learning.  It is a nice review for Nick, who took French when he was in middle school and high school. He is remembering the basics and he is able to help Turbo with pronunciation.
The social aspect is proving to be more trouble.  There has been some trading of action figures, and Turbo, not being as savvy on the uptake as some, has gotten the short end of the stick on some of them.  He was so very upset the other day over it.  My first instinct was to charge in and make it right, but then I decided that letting him talk it out, offering advice and Letting him determine how to move forward was probably better.

Kids need to learn from these incidents.  Navigating the ins and outs of the social world of pre-teens and teens is never easy.  I know I was baffled by it for years. At least he's a boy and there is a level of sanity that is absent from girl interactions.
However, he has been the object of attention from said girls.  Last week a girl asked him "out".  He came home and was in mild shock that a girl liked him.  He seems to have dealt with it well.  He did not give her a definite answer, but told her he would get back to her about the question.
The funny thing is, he doesn't remember her name. About three schools were brought together to make up the 6th grade immersion class at the middle school here.  There are two or three other schools who will send more seventh graders next year.  This girl was a girl that went to another grade school, so Turbo is not familiar with her.  He thinks he might like her, so we shall see where this goes.
A whole new world is opening up for Turbo.  So far, even though it is early in the game, he seems to be doing OK. I just hope it continues to go well for him. After all this kid is a pretty great kid, even if I am a bit biased.
I'm joining up with Shell for Pour Your Heart Out.


  1. Sounds like he's doing great! I can't believe he's in middle school!

  2. Growing up fast! I bet he is also a great kid because he has great parents! He is a doll as well. Better keep those girls at bay. They are just trouble. LOL

  3. Love how he forgot the girl's name! Classic middle school boy. Wait.... that sounds like some men I know.

  4. Oh man, I do not look forward to those years. There will be so many things I must stand by and watch them figure out!


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