Monday, September 15, 2014

Going's On and MMMM

So I'm finally back to a five day work week.  Had a few four day weeks there what with back to school, the holiday and then Bruiser pulling a mild fever.  So this is my first Monday in forever it seems.  Not that Tuesday didn't try it's best to be Monday's clone.  Any way, want to know what our weekend was all about?  Sure you do.
Friday was very laid back for us as Nick was hunting and I was home hanging with the boys. I powered through the laundry and kept the boys happy.
Saturday, I grocery shopped and then did more laundry.  Folding was waiting for me--I hate the folding part. Nick got home about noon and he was tired, but jazzed about the animals he had seen.  He still hasn't hit on the magic combo of location, timing, animals, and opportunity yet, but he's getting closer. He is at least seeing the elk and deer he is hunting, just not close enough to get a shot with his bow. Maybe this next week...
Anyway we have a very old--like from 2000/2001--handheld GPS.  It still works, but we have miss placed the cord that lets us download the point from it and it is slow to find the satellites.  Also thick cover, or clouds and it claims there are no satellites to find and pouts that we don't have it out in perfect conditions. So Nick decided that he would like to get a new handheld GPS for not only hunting, but field work and such.  So off the Cheyenne to look for what he wanted.  He found a very nice one.  A Garmin 62s, and he got the topo chip to go with it.  He played with it all the way home.

Sunday was a total be a bum day.  I finished up the sheets and towels, even got them folded.  We really didn't do anything at all. Sometimes you need those down days.  In the evening we watched Jurassic Park: The Lost World.  Turbo agrees with us that the movie is not so good. But now he's seen it and knows why we don't have it.  We will stick with Jurassic Park I & III.  Much more watchable movies.

So now on to MMMM.  It's a freebie week, so let's see, what have I been rocking to lately:
Rascal Flatts with Payback:

Jason Aldean with Burnin' it Down:

 Lady Antebellum with Bartender:



  1. I love my GPS to and folding laundry is not a fun part for me either. Glad you had a great weekend :)

    Love the hits!

  2. Hope you enjoy your full work week! Great songs and you got the house rockin'. Thanks for the dance!

  3. Well, one out of three isn't bad is it? LOL Thanks for the dance my friend. You definitely Rocked the house with your choices. My favorite was the last one by The lady!

  4. I hope things settle down where Mondays aren't a repeat, but it's hard when you have kids in school. They are bound to bring little nasties home making them & you sick. Great to have you join the 4M crew on the dance floor this week, anytime you can break away is a good time! Have a tunetastic week!

  5. Nice song choices. :-)


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