Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Randoming It Up!

And now we are on Tuesday. The whirlwind continues around these parts. Last week was busy, this week is busy and next week looks much the same.  But first let's random:
  • I had a dentist appointment last Wednesday.  For a cavity, not just the cleaning.  I loathe going to the dentist.  My face was numb for three hours after the tooth was fixed.  Totally put me out of commission. Yuck.  
  • This week Turbo has started off with a bang.  We got two, two calls from the school yesterday about him. One was for a field trip he in going on today--he needed to get his permission slip signed so he could turn it in--he claims he lost it.  
  • Anyway, that one was easy.  The other call was for an altercation he had in gym class.  He started a fight.  OK, so his side of the story is they have been playing basketball and another kid has been pushing Turbo's buttons and got in his face and knocked the ball away and told Turbo he got served.  Turbo finally had enough and kicked him. Turbo was the one who got in trouble. He gets four strikes a semester before disciplinary actions are taken, so he's on strike one. Middle school is going to be interesting.
  • So after that who needs a laugh:
For anyone who follows Big Bang Theory.
  •  We have ordered Bruiser new glasses after the other ones he had took a walk somewhere. I have a sneaking suspicion they may have inadvertently been throw away. our Eye doctor has a deal where if you buy children's frames, the lenses are only $1.  Makes the bite a bit less to replace Bruiser's glasses.
  • And since we were strongly requested to attend the football game this weekend, we are going to the game.  It's energy weekend and a good opportunity for Nick to network. And hey, free tickets to the game. Wyoming might win another game.  Last weekend we got spanked by Oregon.  Kind of saw that coming though. Anyway, it's an afternoon of being adults.  Always a good thing.
And that covers my random for the week.  Go see Stacy! She who is now Random Queen, or our fearless leader of the random!


  1. All calls from school for us seem to come in the form of sickness or injury. I am glad we have not had any issues otherwise. Though Elliot did get on red (the worst) in kindergarten because he and a kid were fighting over a toy and when he let go, the thing hit the kid in the head but they thought Elliot did it. Stupid, in my opinion.

  2. Middle School years are tough. Hang in there Momma!

  3. I am currently on round two of middle school and the first round of high school. Middle school is awesome. High school is just deep breaths and lots and lots of praying!

    Good luck!


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