Thursday, September 18, 2014

Spin Cycle--What If...?

So this week the spin cycle is What if...?  This could go any of several directions.  I'm leaning toward asking the questions and just contemplating the answers.

What if:
  • calories screamed as your burned them?  Exercising might be a lot more fun...
  • boys picked up after themselves automatically? I would spend far less time picking up...
  • laundry folded itself? That would be heaven...
  • there was no insomnia? 2 am would not have my company.  I'd be OK with that.
  • chocolate was a health food? Mmmm, chocolate.
  • wine was as necessary as water? Some would say it is...
  • pigs could fly? Umbrellas would be a standard.
  • Bruiser ate a meal without complaints? Then we all just ate chicken nuggets and green beans.  Yum.
  • exercise was as fun as watching TV or reading a book?  I'd sure do it a whole bunch more.
  • We could see the future?  People might act a whole bunch differently...
  • life was all sunshine and puppies? We would all be wildly bored inside of two days.
  • women ran the world? Good question...
  • I could read for a living? I'd be really good at my job.
  • we went back to the moon? That would be a fine adventure.
  • video games counted as school work? Turbo would be the best student ever.
  • magic was real? Doing household chores would a snap...
  • I could make dinner without protest from the kids in the house?  Truly, a miracle would have happened.
  • we could do it all over again, knowing what we know now? Not sure I would change too much...
  • Scooby Doo was really what it was all about? That would be, like, cool, man...
  • I had all the answers?  There would just be more questions.
Many things in science have been discovered by asking what if? People can change their lives by asking what if? What if leads to dreams and if you follow those dreams, who knows where you will end up.  So ask.  Then go find the answer!


  1. So many great "what ifs!" I especially wish the ones about exercise and burning calories were true. :)

  2. Oh my! This is the greatest what if list around. Great job! Calorie one and boys picking up had me in stitches.

  3. Chocolate isn't a health food? You are kidding me right? You are not seriously saying it's not! Please tell me you're not!

    I had better put the chocolate away now. Just in case you are right!

  4. I love your first what if about calories screaming while we burn them. Wouldn't that be great motivation to workout?!


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