Thursday, September 11, 2014

Spin Cycle--Secret

So this week the Spin Cycle is all about secrets.

I think I'm pretty good at keeping secrets.  Although I do let some things spill--especially if there is a long time between my knowing the secret and the revealing of the secret.  We tried to keep the destination of our end of summer trip a secret from the boys, but we spilled it way earlier than we wanted to.
I do much better with Christmas surprises and birthday surprises. Keeping secrets about gifts is easy.  Keeping them hidden is much harder. Last year I had gotten Nick a range finder for archery hunting and had kept it a secret and had it wrapped and under the tree.  Then Thullee attacked the tree and some of the gifts under it. Awesome.  That spilled the beans, but Nick was excited anyway.
Nick is far better at keeping secrets than I am.  He has a real gift for sincerity in what he tells people, even if he's lying through his teeth.  He's gotten me once or twice about Christmas presents.
My mother is awful at keeping secrets, especially if it has something to do with a gift she is giving.  She does not wrap presents. She doesn't give the boys toys. But she is generous with them in clothing, gift cards for video games, and her time.  The last one is the most important.
We are entering a whole new world of secret keeping with Turbo approaching teenager years.  He's already got a girl he's "going out" with.  At this stage, it's not much more than identifying as being a couple in school.  I think he might have her phone number, but I'm not sure.  He told me about her asking him and he was not sure he wanted Nick to know, but after he had talked to me he was OK with Dad knowing.  At least he doesn't feel the need to keep secrets from us.  We have tried to be open and supportive. So far it's working.
Can you keep a secret?  Or are you a spill the beans kind of person?
Put your spin on it and join Gretchen and Ginny Marie, they would love to have you!

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  1. Haha! I bet you could be interrogated to give up the goods. LOL.

  2. I do have a hard time keeping secrets, especially when it's an exciting one! I do my best, but I might have let a secret or two slip out before. ;)

  3. Pretty much an open book! Great post.


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