Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Monster Trucks, Mountain Drives and Family Time

We had quite the weekend.  Mine got extended because Bruiser had a fever yesterday, with a cough and stuffy nose.  He's better today.  Still coughing a bit, but there's no keeping him quiet, so off to school he goes.
To recap the weekend:
  • Friday we were supposed to go to the Monster Truck show.  However Mother Nature decreed a Weather delay to Sunday.  We had a crashing lightening storm that knocked out power for a moment at our house and tons of rain. It wasn't bad that the show got postponed.  Nick was able to go with us to the show on Sunday.
  • Saturday I grocery shopped, hung out with the kiddos and Nick came home from hunting.  He didn't get anything this weekend, but he did at least see the animals he was hunting, just not close enough to take a shot.  He had fun though.
  • Sunday was a drive in the mountains.  Semi hunting, but really just family time in the place we love the best.  We found a couple roads we hadn't been down in a long time and some places we want to take the four wheelers next summer.
  • Sunday afternoon we went to the high light of the weekend, as far as the boys were concerned anyway.  It was loud, dusty, exciting, and fun.  It was Monster Trucks!

Yep.  Pretty awesome all the way around.  It was a great way to send out the weekend.


  1. We loved the monster trucks! Sadly, they didn't come this year and I think it is because our civic center is too small and we don't have a large enough outdoor area. Though I really think they could do it at the fairgrounds.

  2. Aw. Looks like a lot of fun. Sorry to hear the kiddo was sick. Have a great week!

  3. Glad to hear the Monster Trucks were a hit, even if they did get delayed! We had a stormy Friday night here too - lots of lightening, thunder, and rain, but our community wasn't hit as hard as others in our area - thank goodness! I hate storms!!


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