Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday 5--Brrrr!

Time for Friday!  Woo Hoo! The week is almost over! Now for Emmy Mom's Friday 5:
5 thoughts:
  1. It snowed here last night.  Not much, other places in Wyoming got far more than we did, but we still had snow on the cars and roofs this morning.  And it's totally freezing out there. It was time to get out the big coats this morning.  And find the ear muffs and gloves.
  2. I have finally solved the issue of Bruiser's shoes.  At our house Bruiser's bedroom and Nick and my bedroom are in the basement.  This makes keeping Bruiser's shoes in his room complicated.  So I found a basket to put by the door for him to put his shoes in.  He does pretty good at putting his shoes there when he comes home.  We are run around in your socks people so it works out well as he sheds his shoes as he enters the house anyway.  So far it's working well.  By the time his shoes won't fit in the basket, other arrangements for his bedroom will have been made.
  3. Well Turbo figured out the girl's name who asked him out.  They are "going out" now.  She's cute and at this stage it's all pretty innocent. I think he's sort of getting a kick out of the whole thing, but there was one girl who told everyone about it and Turbo was less than pleased.  We told him we live in a small town, things have a way of getting around.  Better to learn that now, rather than later with something more serious.
  4. I have fallen a bit off the wagon as far as the 30 day shred, but I am still doing something.  Any type of movement helps to combat the fact that I sit all day at work.  Got to make the jeans fit right and if I can get into a habit, I might survive the winter without increasing my backside by so much.
  5. Bruiser has started making noises about Halloween and what he might want to be.  Nothing definite yet.  Turbo is on the fence about Halloween.  On one hand CANDY, on the other, being cool.  We shall see which one wins.  I'm thinking this year the candy will win.

5 Pictures:
Not much snow, but still some on the car.
Still pretty psyched about the Monster Trucks.

Bruiser with the sweatshirt the drivers signed.
What Nick is doing right now, stalking the mighty Elk.
They excel in making me crazy, but I love the little stinkers.
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  1. Oh but that weather makes for good hunting weather. Elk! Yay! My fave. I have one package left. Grrr. In other was 70 here last night.

  2. Ok that is so not for me snow. I'm not made for cold weather.

  3. I am seeing snow all over the in Canada its def cooler but no snow where we are...out west, yep, they got some!

    im ready for Fall, but not snow

  4. Jealous of your cold weather! We have issues with shoes in our house - the kids leave them everywhere and when I have them clean up, they line them up in their rooms but that gets sort of unruly too. It's a mess.

  5. I heard there were flurries last night at a ball game near here (well, a town about an hour away) - crazy!! It's darn cold here today, but no snow (yet, anyways!)

  6. My kids have both brought up Halloween a few times but have no idea what they want to be.. it is just so hot here still I am just not even thinking of it or feeling it, we definitely did not get snow like you :)
    I have so fallen off the wagon with working out.. not liking it at all.

    Thanks so much for always linking up!


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