Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Five--Routine?

So it Friday!
Time for the Friday 5.
5 thoughts:
  1. Tonight I am bravely taking the boys to see the Monster Trucks.  Nick is still hunting, so it's just me, but we will manage.  As long as Turbo can help me keep track of Bruiser and Bruiser doesn't freak over the loud noises, we should be fine. 
  2. I am on day 5 of the 30 Day Shred.  My muscles are finally not so sore and I'm getting the hang of the moves. Still only on level 1, but I have plans to go to Level 2 on day 11.  Sunday will be a week.  I do like it better than running.  I just wish Jillian didn't talk so much. I guess that's the trouble with DVDs.  They do get a bit repetitive.
  3. Nick is getting closer to the elk.  Yesterday they got to 100 yards.  The need to be more like 50-60 yards to take a shot with their bows, but at least they are seeing the animals they are hunting. I have my fingers crossed that he will be able to get one for our freezer.
  4. We are kind of settling into a routine.  I have been cooking dinner.  I have been exercising regularly.  The boys are going to school, and loving it so far.  Nick going hunting has put a bit of a wrench in the system, but I'm managing.  Summer is fun, but I do appreciate the fall and the return of something resembling a schedule.
  5. Turbo finally had homework this week.  He actually sat down and wrote in his comp book for an assignment.  He was finishing up work from class, but he sat and did it without major drama. Last year, a blank page terrified him.  Getting him to write was a major undertaking.  This year he was like Mom, I got this. So amazing to see him grasping stuff like this and making progress.
5 Pictures
Turbo in the hamster ball.

There he goes!

Bruiser playing music at the Back to School Bash in the Park.

Blanket Fort of Epic proportions!

Brothers hanging in the blanket fort.

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  1. Glad you are diligent with your shred workout! Go VandyJ! Love that ball thingy. I was thinking that would be a lot of fun.

  2. Thank God it's Friday!

  3. Yea! So glad he did good on homework, that is awesome and a huge relief, I hate homework battles. Good for your for doing the shred, and you are right, she does talk a lot. I started playing the workouts on my iPad and would sit it by the TV and do the workout while watching a show, that way I could kind of mute her but keep seeing what was happening while also watching something fun.
    How was the monster truck show?


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