Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Five

Let's hear it for Friday!  Whoop Whoop!
This week has been so busy that it has flown by for me.  I like weeks like that.  Now, I really hope that the weekend doesn't speed by, but since it looks busy too, it probably will.
On to the 5 thoughts for Friday:
  1. Bruiser learned to ride his bike this week.  He even rode his little bike to school yesterday. He's so very proud of himself.  We found him a larger bike and he is learning the stopping and starting part of riding a bigger bike.  He still has some practice to do, but he really loves riding his bike.  This makes Nick so very proud and happy.  Bikes are very important to my hubby.
  2. I have really been enjoying the cooler mornings we have been having.  Makes drinking tea much more fun. The leaves on our trees are turning yellow all over town.  Fall is definitely here, no matter what the calendar says.
  3. We were able to pick up Bruiser's new glasses yesterday.  He finally gets to wear glasses to school. Now watch, the old ones will turn up next week sometime.  Even though I have scoured the house looking for the darn things.  
  4. We have a fun weekend planned.  Nick and I have tickets to the college football game.  This comes with tailgate time and all the associated fun.  The boys will be with Grandma and they will enjoy that, I'm sure.  Bruiser has a birthday party to go to Saturday afternoon/evening and we may get together with friends Saturday night.  Sunday, Nick is hunting, so I hope he catches the big one. I get to spend Sunday cleaning house.  The dust Rhinos are beginning to charge.
  5. I'm thinking that it is time for me to get my bake on.  Banana bread, pumpkin pie bread, spent grain bread, scones, cookies, brownies.  It all sounds so very good.  My waist and hips will hate me, but I just want to bake.
5 pictures:
Just after proudly riding his bike the seven block to school.

Love this goober of a dog.

Archery is big at our house.

This kid is growing up far too fast.

Family photo op!
 Now join up with Emmy Mom and do your own Friday 5!

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  1. Yea!! So awesome he learned how to ride his bike, that is awesome! What football game did you go to? I love college football.

    We finally had some cooler weather today but it is going to be in the 90's by mid week. I am so ready for just cooler weather.


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