Thursday, September 25, 2014

Spin Cycle--Fall

I have done several fall posts over the years.  I like fall.  It's a gentler season transition around here and there is just so much to love about fall.
And so with the beginning of fall having just happened, I wanted to spin this one to some fall/winter goals:
  1. Stay active.  I am not running right now--my feet and knees just can't do it.  So I have been trying to stay active.  I attempted the 30 day shred, but fell off the wagon after a week.  I think I should commit to something I can work around my schedule--say three days a week.  I can commit to that.  Anyway, I must stay active to stay ahead of the middle age spread.
  2. Keep up with meal planning, and then actually cook.  It's so easy to just say bag it and do an easy freezer meal. Like pizza or corn dogs or, even easier, quesadillas.  I have just had a huge case of the blahs recently.  I must shake that off and do better at the meal planning.
  3. I want to try to crochet something this winter--other than a granny square.  I'm thinking about talking to my mom about another crochet pattern I could do that would occupy hands but leave my attention to be directed to kids and hubby or TV, you know, whatever.
  4. Regular get togethers with friends--it's good for them and us.  I really need to set up some play dates for Bruiser.  It's hard right now because he doesn't have any contact info for the friends he is making in Kindergarten. We will muddle through somehow.
  5. Family activities.  Not just movie watching, but things that take us out of the house.  I'm not looking to spend tons on this, but we had a great time going to see the monster trucks.  An activity like that or even going swimming together.  This will be easier to do once Nick is done hunting, so maybe more of a winter goal.
  6. Get out cross country skiing this winter.  Last year the snow was awful and I didn't go once. This year we are going to try Bruiser on skis, so I get to ski with Turbo while Nick works with Bruiser.  All we really need is enough snow to make it worth it.
  7. Institute family game night and family reading time.  Turbo needs to do more reading, I love to read so making time should be easy and Bruiser is learning tons at school, so he should be reading easy stuff soon. As for game night, this plays into the family activity stuff.  Have a no TV, game playing evening once a month would be good for us.
  8. Get the boys bedroom situation shifted by spring. We are moving Turbo to the attic, Bruiser to Turbo's room and the office/hobby area in the attic to Bruiser's current room. This will require so new dressers, some new ideas on laundry, and some heating fixes in the attic.  It will be a process, but in the end that area will be all boys.  Turbo will have a room in the attic, but there will still be a place for kids to hang out in the attic too.  Which is oh so nice when they start to get on our nerves in the winter and we can't kick them outside.
  9. Have adult time with Nick.  Some activity, outside the house, without the kiddos, for the two of us. Go to dinner. Go for a drink. Find something fun to do together. Just to keep the connection alive.
  10. Take time to be me.  Not feel guilty about taking some me time. A girl's night out, a bath with a glass of wine and a good book, watching Castle--my newest guilty pleasure TV.  Time to do something me oriented that is not shoe horned in between doing for the guys in my life.  I love them, but I'm a better person if I take time for me.

So there are some fall/winter goals.  I really hope I don't fall short on these.  I think I have plenty of time to get through them.  We will see how I have done come spring.
Do you have fall goals?  Or a fall spin?  Spin it up and link up with Ginny!


  1. Very nice list. Hope you get to accomplish them all!

  2. Great list of things to keep in mind during the Fall & Winter months... I've been having the blahs lately too, which is weird, because I love this time of year. I need to keep reminding myself to keep moving and keep going - my instinct is to hibernate, and that's not a good thing!

  3. You are one ambitious woman! Best of all for the weekend.

  4. These are great goals! I need to keep up with meal planning, too. It makes life so much easier when I know what we're having for dinner, and I have the ingredients to make it!


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