Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Randomness and Awards: Sunshine Award

OK so rAndom Time.  Both boys were off school for staff development yesterday, so I stayed home with them and we ran away to Cheyenne.  A bit of shopping, some fun with Grandma and it was a pretty good day.
In random news:
  • I got laundry done. There wasn't too much this round.  I did procrastinate the folding until last night though.  Folding is boring.
  • The puppy has almost reached too big to pick up size.  He is growing very fast.  But learning pretty quick too.  He still needs to get a bit better at the I gotta go out signs.
  • We put up a few Halloween decorations yesterday--Window clings.  I think this weekend I will try to get some more out.  I always have good intentions, but not so much follow through.
  • So what do you think of the new fall shows?  We are going to try the Agent of Shield one to see if it's interesting.  Network TV is tough for us.  We just don't do dramas and have a hard time with the comedies.  Except for Big Bang Theory.  Love that one.
  • Crock potted a chicken Italian type soup this morning. Sort of a made up one.  Hope it tastes good.
Now for an award I got earlier this week.

The award is circulated to those bloggers that you want to inform that their posts brighten your day. I got it from two different blogger--Jo from Will the kids turn out OK and Jillian at Jill's World.

1. Include the award logo on your post or blog
2. Link to the person who nominated you
3. Answer 10 questions about yourself.
4. Nominate 10 bloggers to receive the award. Link your nominees in your post and leave them a comment letting them know that they have been nominated and give them 10 questions to answer about themselves. 



From Jo:
1. Do you have a nick name(s)? What is it and how did you get it? Not really.  Most people think my name is a nickname, or at least short for something.  It's not.  Nick calls me Boober, and I am Mom, but nothing that is truly a nickname.
2. What is your favorite piece of clothing? Comfy sweat pants and a cozy hoodie sweatshirt.  Very nice for cold winter days inside.
3. Do you buy any magazines regularly? Which? I have a subscription to Parents, Redbook and All You. As for purchase, I like to get People when I'm traveling.
4. Who is on your 'Celebrity Freebie' list (yes you are allowed more than one)? I like Matt Damon and Channing Tatum, but that's about it right now.
5. If you are married/ or have a significant other, do you know who is on their celebrity freebie list? Sandra Bullock and Robin Mead.  Nick has a thing for brunettes.
6. Is there something that would be totally out of character for you to do but what you've always wanted to do? Walk into a party and be the center of attention.  The life of the party.  So not me, but could be fun for an evening.
7. If you could befriend one celebrity who would it be and why? I don't think there really is one--I'm not one to follow the lives of celebrities that closely.
8. Best lesson you've learned in life? Keep moving forward, no matter what it always turns out for the better.
9. Are you turning into your mother? God, I hope not.  Nick truly hopes not too.
10. What is your favorite cocktail? Red wine? (tell me the name so I can try out new wines), White wine? I enjoy Barefoot merlot and Mad Housewife Merlot.  Love a good girly martini, but don't have a place to get them in town anymore.

From Jillian:
1. I believe everyone has a “theme song” – one song that defines them, speaks to them, moves them... What is yours? Theme song?  Well this one is hard for me.  There are songs that speak to me, but not one that I can say is me.
2. They’re making a movie about your life. Who do they choose to play you on the big screen?  Oh boy.  Another one that I have a hard time with.  Maybe Sandra Bullock--Nick would like that.
3. What is your favourite holiday, and why? I really like New Years.  It's a just us holiday and we eat seafood all day.  Most of the other holidays we spend with family--which is fine, but it's nice not to have the pressure for New Years.
4. You are given a free ticket to travel anywhere in the world for one month – where do you go, and what sights do you see? New Zealand and Australia and enjoy the geology of each.  Geeky, yes, but then geology is so very scenic.
5. Are you a fan of Reality TV? If so, which show would you like to be on and why? We are fans of such reality TV as Mythbusters, Top Gear, and What Not to Wear. I'd be on What Not to Wear in a heartbeat, but this is their last year.
6. What is your biggest pet peeve? Driver who think they are "safer" by driving 5-10 miles under the speed limit.
7. What is your favourite thing about Autumn? What is this season like where you live? The end of allergy season, the need to dig out the warmer clothes, being able to bake without over heating the house. Here we are looking at our first snow very soon.  It has already frosted a couple times and is definitely gearing up for winter.
8. Do you play an instrument? If not, what instrument would you like to learn to play? I tried to play the trumpet when I was in the fifth grade.  And hated it. Not really musically inclined.
9. You’re on a diet, and trying to avoid certain junk foods… which is your biggest temptation – the hardest to resist? Anthing salty.  Chips, crackers, croutons, crunchy snacky foods.
10. Do you have a Bucket List? Tell me one of the items on it that you hope to cross off someday. Yep, there is a bucket list.  Getting to all the national parks west of the Mississippi is one of our goals.

Now I'm supposed to come up with ten questions and give this to ten other bloggers.  I'm breaking the rules and saying anyone can take it, but I will provide questions if you want to answer them.
  1. What is your favorite Pumpkin flavored thing in the fall?
  2. What is your favorite TV show?
  3. Do you enjoy being outdoors?
  4. What was your favorite childhood game?
  5. What are you reading right now?
  6. Which superhero would you be?
  7. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
  8. Do you have an iPod? Is it worth it to drink the koolaid and use one?
  9. Favorite chocolate? Milk or dark?
  10. Favorite breakfast food?
Stacy is back with the Random Rebel, so link up your random!


  1. I really want to watch Agents of SHIELD, since I love comics but I haven't yet and fear I won't. For now, I am working through all seasons of Breaking Bad and trying not to see/hear spoilers!

  2. Thanks for answering my questions! :)

    I have my Fall decorations out - pumpkins, gourds, leaves, smiley scarecrow stuff... I usually leave the skulls and witches until after our Thanksgiving.

    So with you on the salty snacks... can't resist, hence the reason I don't buy them anymore. Someone brought in a big bowl of salty mixed nuts yesterday to work, and I hovered over it all day! So bad, but so GOOD!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I have not gotten into the fall line up. I just don't watch much televised programs, even DWTS hasn't gotten me excited this year for some reason. Yikes, what's up with me? Anywho, have a happy RTT!

  5. The only show that has kind of hooked me so far is Blacklist. Spader is super creepy. Thanks for reminding me to Crockpot! Oh, and Sandra Bullock would rock playing you in your movie!

  6. Thanks for playing along! We are loving fall tv, big fans of SHIELD

  7. Sandra Bullock is JR's freebie also.

  8. I think Sandra Bullock would be on my husband's list! Not sure who's on mine. I also love comfy sweatpants. I caught up with Big Bang Theory late, but I'm definitely a fan now! And I have no idea what tv shows are starting this fall. Who has time?


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