Thursday, October 31, 2013

Spin Cycle--Cooking Up Love

Cooking has never really meant love to me--it's very closely tied to love, but I've never cooked with the intention of love.  Love just sort of happens.  Food has been a strong part of Nick and my relationship since the beginning. 
The beginning.  Nick's pick up line in German class was "So, when are you cooking me dinner?"
My response: "I live in the dorms.  If you want microwave Mac and Cheese, come on over." He gave me his number and the rest is, as they say, history. 
It did take another seven months before I actually tried to cook for him.  It wasn't good.  I knew the mechanics of cooking, but not the art.  Nor did I have any practice.  Nick did most of the cooking early on.  The product of several restaurant kitchens, he is far more creative in the kitchen than I am.  Give him some ingredients and a bit of guidance on what you might like and he can create wonderful meals.  I, on the other hand, must have a recipe.
I did get better at the whole cooking thing.  Special meals for special occasions have become our standard. Valentine's Day is crowded at any restuarant--especially in a college town.  Once, we hit every reasturant in town and the wait at each was crazy.  We ended up at the grocery store picking out food to go home and cook.  It was more romantic in the long run than sitting in a crowded restuarant anyway.  Now with kids, it's easier to cook at home than coordinate a sitter, somewhere to go, going and then getting home, especially on a special occasion.
 I think nothing says love and family to us quite like our New Years seafood extravaganza.  Born out of necessity (being too pregnant to eat a seafood feast all at once), the feasting begins about noon and we stretch it out all afternoon and into the evening. It's just us, no one else and time for family to hang out, have fun, eat and enjoy the start of a new year.
We are also notorious for making steak at home--cheaper, tastes better and we really have a lack of steak restaurant options in our town. Although, sometimes I wish there was someone else to clean up.  (Turbo is getting almost old enough to do the cleaning up though, Muhwahahah).
So cooking with love in our house tends to be more a family activity.  Bruiser loves to get involved. Turbo will pitch in with too much protest, and Nick and I work pretty well in the kitchen.

Their favorite part of helping in the kitchen.

 Nick said he felt cooking with love was having everyone involved, making good food and enjoying being together.  I guess that says it all, cooking with love is being together and enjoying life, good food, and maybe a tasty adult beverage or two.
What is cooking with love to you?
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  1. Ah! Nothing like licking the bowl! You two sound very much like Jimmy and me - we love having an elaborate meal at home almost as much as going to a fancy restaurant. And Turbo cleans?! I am stunned and jealous!

    Thanks for linking!

  2. Oh, yes, I need a recipe for most things, and even then it doesn't always taste right! But I'm the main cook of the household. My husband can cook mac 'n cheese and that's about it!

    Thanks for linking up!


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