Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WWTK--Get Moving

We Want To Know Wednesday! 

1.) Were you athletic as a child? No not really.  I did outdoor stuff, but was never attracted to sports.  At least until I discovered that swimming was a sport I could do.  No balls flying at me, and I was actually good at it.
2.) Did you play organized sports? The most organized sport I ever did was swim team in high school. That, I liked.
3.) What do you do for exercise now? I run in the summer, when weather and daylight permits.  In the winter, I struggle with motivation and time. I have done some of Jillian Michael's 30 day shred, but I'm not terribly dedicated.  I intend to do the Zumba for the Xbox, but haven't yet.
4.) Would you rather exercise or diet? (Or both?) I think to truly lose you have to do both.  I diet to make myself awaare of what I'm eating--it really does become a mindless thing for me.  Exercise helps the pounds come off faster than dieting alone.
5.) If you didn't have to worry about calories or fat, what one food would you eat ad nauseum? Anything salty: chips, croutons, crackers, bread sticks, garlic bagel chips...I might have an issue with garlicy carbs.

Grab the questions and play along!
Link up with Kensie and Scriptor.  They would love to have you join in.

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  1. Even in the privacy of my own living room I am opposed to looking silly doing Zumba!

  2. I've always been a horrible swimmer (imagine a rock swimming), but I love the idea of swimming!
    I've wanted to get Zumba for our Wii, but I like taking the classes SO much more. I borrowed the at-home DVD kit from a friend and couldn't get into it.. but classes were amazing!
    I agree with having to do have a healthy diet and exercise to lose weight.
    Love your answer for number five! I love chips and crackers!

  3. I'm addicted to caramel popcorn. It cannot be in the house. That's my diet plan. Not to have caramel popcorn in the house.


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