Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday, Monday

Well, that was a packed weekend.  We did so much.  On top of the standard weekend things, there was downtown trick or treat, getting together with friends, cookie making and Nick went hunting.  Yep, pretty full.
So the downtown trick or treat.  Nick took all the pictures, so I will have to share those when  he gets back.  Turbo dressed as a mummy, Bruiser was Batman and I dressed as a sort of witch.  The boys liked it. Nick was a UW Cowboy fan from the 80s, UW sweatshirt and cowboy hat.
I do have a preliminary pic of Turbo:
He made a pretty good mummy with a better wrap of the ragged material and a white face. Plans are in effect to trick or treat with friends and the boys are pretty excited about it.
I did a mountain of laundry this weekend.  It really has a habit of piling up. But I had all of it done last night, even the towels got folded and put away. Go me!
We had a lot of fun playing Uno Attack with our friends.  We had dinner and played several rounds of the game.  It really is more fun with more players, but we managed to have a good time.
Saturday afternoon Nick finished the pergola project he has been working on for half of our deck.  It's pretty nice and as an added bonus we can hang the hammock from the posts too.

The kids were thrilled with the fact that we can use the hammock out there. Nick thought it was pretty nice too. Thank you to Nick for putting in the work to build this wonderful pergola!
On Sunday, Nick headed to the mountain to hunt.  He will be gone until Tuesday.  Here's hoping they find the elk and he can get one for our freezer.
My mom came over and we made a huge batch of Monster Cookies.  These cookies have no flour in them, just oatmeal, peanut butter and the standard sugar/butter/eggs and some fun add ins like pecans, m&ms, raisins, cranberries, chocolate chips, etc. 6-7 dozen cookies later, I finished baking cookies just in time to make dinner.
I really wasn't ready for this morning to come and really would have loved to have stayed in bed.
And so this song was running through my head:

I have also had this one running through my head.

I'm joining up with Xmas Dolly for Monday's Music Moves me.  It's a freebie week, but next week I am the spotlight dancer.  The theme will be music you listened to in high school.  pick your favorite tune from high school and join in!


  1. Ahh, I commented on last weeks choice, both choices this week are spectacular. Haven't heard the Manic Monday one for a while. Happy Music Monday x

  2. I think this is the first time I've heard "Manic Monday" on the 4M's but I'm surprised it isn't on here every Monday. Happy Monday!

  3. I do five loads of laundry a week and I do one load for each day of the week (m-f) or else I get totally overwhelmed and I freak out. I'm actually about to go put a load in the dryer! What a manic Monday indeed!

  4. Oh yeah, CONGRATS FIRST OF ALL ON BEING OUR SPOTLIGHT DANCER.. woo hoo! Shake that thang!!! Love your Monday's songs haven't heard them in like forever & I'll get that theme up shortly. Love it. It's a great choice. HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO YOU & YOURS. Hope the kids have a great time.

  5. Congratulations on being picked for the spotlight dancer! Just wanted to tell you that these are great songs you picked for today.

  6. Sounds like our busy weekend! Those cookies also sound delish.

  7. What a fun weekend!
    COngrats on the Spotlight and a couple of classics here.

  8. Excellent picks and Manic Monday very apt heheh! love Turbo pic LOL

    Have a ghoulishtastic week ;-)

  9. I love both the Bangles and The Mamas and Papas - was just listening to the Mamas and Papas last night actually. Great picks for a Monday Pick-Me-Up.

  10. Hitting the dance floor once again after my brief blog hiatus. Enjoying the sound of two oldie, but goodies for your freebie picks. I recall all too well the crazy piles of laundry I was constantly bombarded with. Trust me, this will change one day for you. Thanks for helping to make Monday's Music Moves Me!

  11. Not a dull moment! Ugh our laundry also just piles up, it is terrible

  12. Manic Monday is one of those songs I just can't resist. I just have to turn it up and sing along when I hear it.
    my family is less impressed since I am rather late hopping around this week and it is 1 am. and Wednesday.

  13. Sometimes after a great weekend, you aren't ready for Mondays at all.

    Glad you had a wonderful weekend with your family.

    Thanks for rocking the Music train!
    Sry I'm late.


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