Thursday, October 24, 2013

Spin cycle--Halloween Fun

So this Spin Cycle is all about Halloween--not a recap, more a celebration of things Halloween.  I do have some Halloween posts from years past.

Spooky Woo Woo Stuff
Movies we like to watch for Halloween.
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How Halloween has changed for me from a kid to an adult.
Halloween Hits 
Shows some of the costumes I've worn over the years.

So Halloween is a holiday we do up right in our house--Oh, we don't necessarily over decorate, but we do celebrate.  There's lots of activities on deck for this year. Scaramie, the downtown trick or treat on Saturday.  And then Thursday afternoon pumpkin carving and trick or treating that evening.

On Monday I shared a couple songs from when I was a kid that were most definitely Halloween songs.  I think I'll share them again and add a couple more.

Way back in the day of recording to video tape from TV, I think ABC showed some Disney music videos.  They were Halloween themed and I really enjoyed them.  Bad Moon rising was my favorite.

Another fun song from that set of videos was Ghostbusters done Disney style.

I shared Purple People Eater Monday.  It was one I listened to as a kid from one of my mom's records.

Monster Mash came from the same record.  It had a bunch of goofy songs from when my mom was a kid.  I loved listening to the record.

And of course no discussion if Halloween music is complete without Thriller form Michael Jackson. I remember going to a sixth grade Halloween dance and seeing it playing over and over in the lobby.

So there, some Halloween music to get you in the mood.  Happy Halloween everyone!
Got some fun Halloween stuff to share?
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  1. Monster Mash and Thriller are my favorites! I am happy to see that the Halloween spirit is alive and well at your house!

  2. I showed Elliot Thriller for the first time a few months ago and he wants to watch it ALL THE TIME.

  3. Christmas is my holiday, but I have to say I'm SO excited for Halloween this year! I can't wait to watch some "scary" movies this weekend, and then I'm going to join my mom on Halloween night to greet her trick-or-treaters. Due to the house painting situation, my decorations haven't been put up - which is disappointing - but in all other ways, I'm READY for Halloween! :)

  4. LOVE all the spooky music! I absolutely have to play Jude all of these when he gets home!

    Thanks for linking!

  5. I used to roller skate to Thriller! It was so much fun. I love your Halloween background on the blog! It's so cute!

  6. Great post that took me back to Junior High roller skating to Purple People Eater. Love Potion #9 and Monster Mash were a little later. Thriller player over and over in our home as our son would run around in a single white glove.


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