Thursday, October 3, 2013

Spin Cycle--Things Keep Coming Back Around

This week the Spin Cycle is Everything Old Is New Again.  As I look at fashion this certainly holds true.  Any girl walking across the campus I work at could have just as easily walked down the hallways of my high school and not looked weird.  80s fashions are everywhere.  Some should have stayed dead, but most have a nice modern twist and look comfortingly familiar.
It's really odd to look at the movies, books and music I grew up with.  We have been introducing Turbo to the movies and seeing them with him makes them new again.  The Back to the Future trilogy has been playing frequently of late.
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I've also been reading David Eddings first fantasy series to the guys when we go on road trips. It starts with Pawn of Prophecy and then there are four other books.  We are about half way through book four.  Turbo is totally captivated.  He puts away the electronic devices and listens.  Score one for Mom.  Because he's never heard or read it before, it's brand new to him.  I love that he's so very entertained and begs me to read when we go for a drive.

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There are more books in the series and I know Turbo will enjoy hearing all of them.  And maybe one day he will try reading them for himself.  A bibliophile mom can only hope.
As for Bruiser, well he's been wildly excited to be going to school and very excitedly shows us the papers he gets to bring home.  He has such enthusiasm.  Reminds me that school is fun when you're little.  School is still fun when you're older, but it's lots more work.
Kids make you look at the stuff you find routine with new eyes.  Every thing is fascinating when you've never done it before.  Even our Puppy is teaching us that.  We are predicted to get snow (like 6-12 inches) tonight and tomorrow. We are kind of excited to introduce the puppy to the white stuff. It could be very entertaining.
So what are you looking at the was routine, but now looks new and exciting--do you have kids who help with this process?
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  1. 6-12 inches?! Already?! Wow, I know you always say snow comes early where you live, but even - the snow lover - am not ready for it yet! haha!

    The skinny jeans phenomenon is one I've had a hard time wrapping my head around. When I was little, my sister used to safety-pin the bottoms of the legs of her jeans so that they were tight to her ankles. Some of her jeans had zippers on the ankles, too. 10 years later, it seemed SO dorky. Now it's cool again? It's taken me a long time to wrap my head around it.

    I love watching old movies that I loved as a kid with my niece & nephew - always kind of shocks me how dated they are now, but the kids still love them!

  2. I LOVE Back to the Future. It never seems to feel old or dated to me, somehow.

  3. I always get the best ideas from you! I completely forgot about Back to the Future as a movie that Jude would like. I think he'd love it. And how do I not know the David Eddings books? I must discover them immediately!

    Thanks for linking!!

  4. I've been enjoying the old Star Wars movies with my girls...they totally love them! I want to show them Back to the Future, too. I was just reminded about it because I've been watching the new Michael J. Fox show. I'm glad he's back!

    Thanks so much for linking up!

  5. My sweet blogger friend, I so enjoyed your post. Introducing our grandsons to crazy movies like "Cat Ballou" has been fun! And that is why I like hanging with your younger bloggers. Seeing how some things are different, like all the handheld games, but how much more stuff is still the same. Mom's reading to kids and passing on traditions.

  6. I know what you mean about old books seeming new again. I see that all the time with my students. It's great to see a classic through the eyes of a first-timer!


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