Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday, Finally

This has been a long week.  But ow it's Friday and going home time keeps getting closer and closer. So let's do some confessing and see if we can't get this weekend off to a good start.
  • We had a parent teacher conference for Turbo last night.
  • I still get as nervous as I used to when I was a kid about those things.
  • Something about it makes me feel 12 again.
  • Turbo is doing great.
  • Needs to work on the organization thing, but otherwise just great.
  • So nice when the teacher is actually an advocate for your kid.
  • I did forget to go pick him up yesterday.
  • He is playing the baritone and has band on Tuesday adn Thursday, so his horn stays at school Tuesday through Thursday. 
For some idea of the size of this thing.

  • We take him to school Tuesday morning and pick him up Thursday afternoon.
  • We have to that baritone is huge and he can barely carry the thing in it's case.
  • Only yesterday I totally forgot.
  • He handled it like a champ.
  • I felt like a idiot.
  • Mom of the year here.
So what do you have to confess?
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  1. Don't beat yourself up - you usually feel worse about those things than your kid does!

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. I dont have kids but i think if I did I would be nervous too

  3. I have almost forgot to get Shawn, or be home for the bus before, but luckily I have always made it. Haha we have only had him for a year though.


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