Thursday, October 10, 2013

Spin cycle--Color of Love

So what do you think is the color of Love?   According to Sheldon, Red is angry, yellow is frightened, green is jealous and blue is depressed.  Love wasn't mentioned.
I think love is lots of colors--purple for passion, red for strong feelings love provokes, yellow for how scary loving anyone can be, blue for the sadness that can come with love lost, green for the jealousy and envy love can invoke, Really the only color that doesn't really say love to me is orange.  Maybe Sheldon's right and orange is for lonely.
Love is colorful and necessary.  Without love life can be flat and dull. and the colors shift with the type of love.  The love I have for Nick is more purple, red and sometimes yellow.  The love for my boys is red and yellow and sometimes a bit blue.  I love my boys but they are continually growing away from me.  As they should.  It's still sad.
What color is enduring?  That would be the color of my love for Nick and Turbo and Bruiser.  Because no matter what short term feelings I have--frustration, anger, exasperation, elation, joy, the love endures. Maybe a nice strong maroon.  Not too bright but very lasting.  Kind of like brick or redwood. It just lasts.
Do you have an idea on the color of Love?  Spin it up and link up with the Spin Cycle. Gretchen and Ginny Marie would love to have you!
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  1. How very YOU that you brought in Sheldon's theories!

    And how very you that every color is an aspect of love. I like the idea that maroon is the enduring color. Very true.

    Thanks for linking!!

  2. I like that you said it ca take on different colors. That's really creative.

  3. So true that love takes on many colours - just as love wraps so many emotions together!
    And of course - love the tie-in to Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory :)

  4. Orange doesn't really say love to me either, except it's my sister's favorite color, so I always think of her when I think of maybe it does say love. ;)

    I love your Spin on this prompt!

  5. i've never really thought about it .... mmmh

  6. What a great spin! I love Big Bang Theory!

  7. Wonderful spin. So very many good thoughts.

  8. I love Sheldon. He cracks me up. However, I also love Frank Sinatra, and he said that orange is the color of happiness. Hmm, Sinatra and Sheldon would disagree on that one!


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