Friday, October 4, 2013

Snowy Confessions

Today is Friday!  Quite possibly the best day of the week--at least by going home time.  So to pass the time until going home time, let's confess:
  • We woke up to 6-7 inches of snow this morning.  
  • Yes the white stuff:
  • And it's still snowing.
  • Turbo was disappointed.
  • School was still in session.
  • Both boys enjoyed playing in the snow this morning though.
  • This puppy right here:
  • was very careful in the snow, but seems to like it.
  • He's growing big already too.
  • Almost too big to carry at three and half months.
  • The size of his paws scares me a bit.
  • I have to give the cat a bath this weekend.
  • No exactly my most looked forward toward moment.
  • These boys right here:

  •  Are growing way too fast.  
  • I love them dearly, but wish they would slow down a bit in the growing up department.
  • I'm thinking clam chowder sounds fabulous for this weekend.
  • Snow always says comfort foods.
  • I also joined Twitter.
  • I have no idea what I'm doing there, but I joined.
So do you have anything to confess?
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  1. seriously?? snow...where the heck are you - is this normal weather for you in October? In Canada, we have been experiencing above normal temperatures - sunshine and warm but today is gloomy and rainy but still suppose to be somewhat warmer than normal!!

  2. Wow, snow! Crazy. I am on twitter and sometimes I use it to say stuff I don't ant to say on FB. And I follow some of my favorite authors. @Scriptor; follow me. :)

  3. We had the first sunny day in a week today.
    I've been happy about soup weather. In Houston it is never soup weather.

  4. Snow!! We have the dang Santa Ana winds going on here - 91 degrees. I'd rather have the snow. I keep reading things online about comfort food like clam chowder, and it all sounds so good, but it's just too hot. Good luck with that cat washing thing! Ha!

  5. snow? We just about hit 90 degrees here today! I want some cooler weather! We're getting a cold front, so we may only be in the 80's this week. BTW, your puppy is adorable!

  6. O my you aready have snow! Is this normal for you?

  7. Wow, I can't believe you got snow. I would be one unhappy camper. Clam chowder sounds delicious. I may have to make that this week.

    What's the twitter name so I can follow you?


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