Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Random Up

Made it through Monday and now on to Tuesday!  Poor Monday--it gets such grief.  It really needs better PR.  Although following the weekend, it's never going to be able to follow that act.  ANd now for the random part of the program:
  • Fall is making a reappearance this week, but it won't last.  Winter is here for the duration. Now if it will be snowy, I'll be better able to handle winter--with snow we can get out skiing, sledding and such.
  • The holidays are creeping up on us.  Halloween is right around the corner.  I might still have to get candy to hand out. And work on a certain mummy costume. Where is time going?
  • The dogs are a matching set if ever there was one:
Yes, that is Thullee lying on top of Guiness.
  •  They really won't fit that way too much longer.
  • Turbo had school pictures taken.  They are way more interesting than the ones I had taken as a kid.  His didn't turn out too bad.
  • Nick and I are still casting about for things to do both as a family and just the two of us.  The rut we are in is deep.  Getting out of it will take some work.  Luckily, the holidays will help on the social front. We are also planning on joining the rec center again and making bi weekly trips there--at least. We gotta do something to shake us up a bit.
  • Do you know how hard it is to find anything on activities for a family to do together that don't involve crafts or TV? I swear that as far as most sights are concerned, every one is craft crazy. Or a movie night will solve all your togetherness problems.
  • I'm losing my steady girl's night out date.  She's moving to South Carolina, or North Carolina, one of the two.  So, once again I have to hunt up a friend, a real live friend, who can do stuff.  I am really not so good at the in person stuff.
  • What Not to Wear ended last Friday.  I love that show and I have taken some of their advice to heart and both Nick and I look better in our clothes. It's sad that the potential to be on the show is no longer there.  Although, honestly, I could never dress as well as they dress some of the participants.  That's just not my life or need at the moment.
So what do you have for random this week?
Stacy is being the Random Rebel, so link up your random!


  1. I just stopped by for a Random Visit. I love the dogs!

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  3. A stack of dogs! Too cute. I hate how you have to buy school pictures before they're even taken. Used to be they sent home proofs and then you'd decide. What a scam.

  4. I love the dogs. That's hysterical.. And I know what you mean about the whole crafting/t.v. thing for families and couples.. I know you like the outdoors. Do you snowshoe? If not, that's a nice thing to do as a family. I'm more of a winter activity person because I do so love my snow but there's also cross country skiing. Sleigh rides for couples.. Winter-fest.. Sledding.. A good 'ol fashioned snowball fight. :) It's tuff shaking things up but not impossible. :) Date night is important. One night his choice, one night yours, one night to go somewhere and do something neither one of you have done.. Make memories of doing new stuff together instead of the same 'ol same 'ol.. :)

  5. Our dogs also sit on each other .. weird thing!

    Sorry to hear your friend is moving away, sucks!

  6. I really don't have any real life friends either. Sure I talk to a couple of people I went to school with, but that's it. Oh Lord we are in a rut too! We went out on the boat 3 times this year, and that was all the family time we did. Chris worked so much! Winter is his slow season, so hopefully we can find something to do as a family!

  7. That puppy pile is just adorable! LOL, couldn't agree more with those silly sites that have tips for date night or family night activities. Why do they always think that movie night is romantic? It's just you and your hubby starring at the tv and not talking to each other. We do that all the time! Lol.
    It's hard to hunt up friends when you get older isn't it? I'm so happy to have my little guy now. He's my social "in" for meeting new people. They can't resist his good looks, and they tolerate me as a package deal. ;-)


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