Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Random And It's Tuesday

It has got to be better today than it was yesterday.  Monday kicked my butt.
Actually it wasn't that bad, but the evening more than made up for it.  On to the random:
  • I made my first foray into cupcake making last night courtesy of the dog.  See, Papa promised cupcakes to Bruiser's school.  He made a batch of lovely cupcakes that Bruiser helped to decorate. We left them on the table and ran to store.  When we returned home there were only five cupcakes left.  Guiness had helped himself to them. Awesome.  So I went and got mix, cupcake liners, frosting and sprinkles and made two dozen cupcakes.  I have no idea how they taste, but they look good:
  • So, I can knock cupcakes off the list of traditional mommy things to do.  Not that I pay attention to the list, but I've avoided cupcakes for ten years.  Turbo takes rice crispy treats to school.  Tastier than cupcakes and Nick makes them.
  • We went out for lunch on Sunday with my mom during the great cookie baking adventure and hit Wendy's.  The kids meal came with a Scared Shrekless themed toy.  Bruiser looks terribly cute as Donkey:
  • They put out a list of the coldest cities in the US.  My lovely hometown ranked in at No. 7.  At least we are good at something.
  • I go tomorrow for my first Mammogram.  Welcome to 40.  Happy birthday and let's squish the bewbs. It may be a wine kind of evening post squish.
  • Both kids are getting excited about Thursday, although Bruiser knows he should be excited, just not about what.  He has a disconnect about Thursday being Halloween. Honestly we are still taking advantage of he lack of a sense of time.  No such luck with Turbo.  He knows exactly what Thursday means.
Happy Halloween! and join up with your random!
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  1. I don't look forward to the whole mammogram thing either, but at least you know you're being proactive!

  2. I dread my first mammogram! Good for you though, definitely need some wine after that!


  3. I was laughing loudly enough about the dog and the cupcakes, I woke up Gene. Hope you have a fun Halloween week!

  4. Wow. You really had a cupcake making adventure! Guess that was life making up for the 10 years you didn't participate. ;) I'm sure they'll be yummy. Sadly, kids, much like dogs, will eat just about anything if you put frosting on it. :D

  5. I turned 40 this year and really need to get the old ta-tas squished, too. Fun!
    The cupcake incident totally sounds like something that would happen here. I used to have a boxer who LOVED birthday cake. ONLY birthday cake! I finally just started serving her a piece along with everyone else.


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