Monday, October 7, 2013

Where did that Weekend go?

So here we are at Monday again.  Can't say I thrilled to see another Monday.  Weekends are just too short. This weekend was all about indoor stuff as the snow we got Friday turned into an icy, slushy mess and made going outside unpleasant to say the least.
Friday evening we started a fire in the wood stove and hung out.  Turbo played some video games and movies were watched. We had BBQ beef short ribs from the crock pot--so good!
Saturday we did the normal errands and then Nick attacked the basement.  He rearranged and cleaned (some) and made it more comfortable for us all to hang out and do our movie marathons this winter.
I got a raging headache but Aleve knocked it down. I also made salsa--using some of the tomatoes from our tomato plants.  We have enough left to make another batch--when they all turn red.
We did get some hang out time with our cousins.  Green chili and good beer, what more could you ask for?
Sunday was pretty low key.  Nick sorted stuff in the garage.  He found lots of get rid of stuff, reorganized and put away other stuff.  It looks pretty great out there.
Turbo had spent the night with his cousins and after I picked him up, we hit the store for the things we forgot the day before and then headed home for a very lazy day.  I did make a pot of clam chowder.  It was marvelous!
Things were boring enough at our house that no pictures were taken. But here are some from our trip to see the fall color last weekend:

We had a wonderful trip.  Glad we went when we did--the colors are all done now since the snow froze everything Friday.
How was your weekend?  Do tell!


  1. It is still pretty warm here; I kind of envy your cold weather!

  2. I'm feeling so sorry for your, I'm so not ready for winter yet!

  3. I am just getting around to reading this and now it is the weekend again! Luckily this week went by fast. We haven't had any snow but when I left the house this morning it was 35 degrees. It was clear skies though, that's why it was so cold. Hope you get to enjoy some outdoor time this weekend.


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