Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Random Up the Place

Tuesday.  The most blah day of the week.  Unless you random...
  • We had a fabulous sunrise this morning.  All red and purple and then orange. I didn't get a picture.  It was cold out there.
  • Halloween plans are tricking along fine.  A request was made by Turbo for me to dress as a witch.  I need a hat, but otherwise can just about pull it off with pieces I already have.  I might need striped stockings too. Bruiser will be Batman.  Turbo wants to be a Mummy and we will be assembling his costume from long johns and creepy fabric.  He will look great I think.( I hope)
  • I have been far more motivated to cook recently.  Cold weather certainly helps in the wanting to be in a warm kitchen. I think tonight will be chicken cordon bleu.  Sounds fancy, is pretty easy and very very tasty.  I get very few complaints when I make this one.  And not having complaints is a major score with Bruiser the Picky in the house.
  • We watched Oz the Great and Powerful last night.  Such a fun movie.  Maybe not great, but very very fun.  The Wizard of Oz is up tonight. I'm not sure if Bruiser has seen it before. I don't think so.  So, fun time!
  • We are thinking about remodeling a bit for Bruiser's room.  See when we redid the basement eleven years ago, we made that room with the intention of adding a window.  But it's a basement room.  Adding a window means knocking a hole in the foundation and tons of other work.  So instead we are going to modify the basement hallway (which has a window) so it's part of his room. this just entails some lumber and drywall and paint and such. Much easier than knocking a hole in the foundation.
  • In other bruiser news, I get to go through all the hand me downs from Turbo and organize them so I know what we have.  Bruiser is almost out of the T sizes and that makes saving clothes a bit easier.  Sort them by size and go from there. I need to go through adn see what I think he will wear and what he won't.  Sounds fun no?  Some one wanna come help?  No takers?  Darn.
  • Well instead how about you go check out Des Hommes et des Chatons. Sexy guys in similar poses to cats.  Very nice eye candy.
Well that's my random.  Boring this week.  But then things have been kind of boring around here anyway.  Boring isn't so bad.  Exciting can be very bad, so for now I'll take boring.
Stacy is back with the Random Rebel, so link up your random!


  1. Amazing how the cooler weather brings on the desire to cook! I've been really enjoying it too. Dying to try a recipe this week for Spaghetti Squash Au Gratin. I love chicken cordon bleu, yum!!

    And that link... wow. WOW. Some of those pics are just pure eye candy!!!

  2. That's a nice image: the colorful sunrise and snow.

  3. Yes putting a hole through a foundation does not sound easy or like the best plan, sounds like your new plan is much better.

    The colder weather definitely makes me want to cook and bake more

  4. Everything is quite boring around here too! As soon as get home from work I just want to cuddle in and relax. Then it gets dark, and I just want to go to sleep. haha


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