Friday, September 27, 2013

Stop! Confession Time!

Friday!  The best day of the week adn the best time of the day is coming--going home time.  But before we can get on with the weeeknd, some confessing must be done:
  • I hate lingering coughs.
  • I have a nasty one right now from being sick earlier this week.
  • Mornings are OK, but the cough gets worse as the day goes on.
  • By evening it sounds like I'm trying to hack up a lung.
  • Not fun.
  • Our puppy is definitely growing.
  • He might end up being bigger than we thought he would.
  • Bruiser took a tumble down the stairs this morning. 
  • All of them to the basement.
  • Thanks goodness they are carpeted.
  • And that he's little.
  • He has a scrap on his back, but that's it.
  • I, on the other hand, about had a heart attack.
  • Laundry weekend.
  • Enough said.
  • Oh so ready to be going home from work.
So what do you have to confess this week?
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1 comment:

  1. Hope your lingering cough takes a hike this weekend!
    Glad to hear Bruiser is OK... such a scary feeling hearing/seeing someone fall down stairs! (I saw my dad do it once, I thought I was going to be sick.)
    Happy Friday!


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