Friday, September 6, 2013


It's Friday again!  Now to have going home time come as quickly as possible. Before my weekend starts, let's confess, shall we:
  • I am really looking forward to having things cool off.  
  • Hitting the 50s in the mornings and 80s in the afternoons makes dressing challenging.
  • Fall can bring it on, I'm really ready to be done with allergies.
  • I've been out of sorts the last few days.  
  • Nick has been sick.
  • A routine still isn't really happening.
  • I just feel all blah.
  • I need a just for relaxing family kind of weekend.
  • This one will be sort of like that.
  • I think it's the introvert in me yelling for some down time.
  • Maybe next week will be better.
  • I cautiously thrilled for Bruiser.
  • We have had two totally voluntary poops on the toilet.
  • Now let's see if he can keep up the momentum.
  • Insomnia has come to visit again.
  • It's overstayed it's nonexistent welcome again.
  • But hey! No laundry this weekend!
  • Maybe I can convince Nick, once he feels better to go for a drive in the mountains as a family.
  • We need it for a battery recharge I think.
What are your plans for the weekend?  Busy or relaxed?

Do you have anything to confess?  Post it and join up with Aubrey and feel all good going into the weekend.


  1. I love relaxing weekends. I love fall relaxing weekends. I love fall.. Oh let's just admit.. I love weekends.. shut off the phone.. put on the slippers. toss the bra on the ceiling fan..and forget there is a world out there..

  2. Oh no. I hope everyone is feeling better soon and that you get some quality time with all your boys.

    Thanks for joining the Friday Confessional party. Have a fabulous weekend.

  3. Insomnia is horrid! I sleep better when its cold out. Hoping the onset of fall will help with that whole sleeping thing.


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