Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Gloomy Random

It's still kind of rainy and gloomy here.  Makes me want to curl up with a good book and drink hot chocolate. But other things demand that I not do that--bills, kids, dogs, hubby...
Anyway on with the random:
  • I'm not a fan of sand.  There is a sand volleyball court in the park a block from our house.  Last night the boys discovered the wet sand and had a blast playing in it.  They came home with sand in their hair, on their faces, everywhere. And wet sand sticks. To everything. They both showered to try and get the sand out of their hair, but I bet there's still some there.
  • Rain.  Yesterday it came down in buckets for a while--enough that we got a quarter inch at our house in like 20 minutes.  That is lots of rain for us, where we have months that we average less than an inch. It was kind of fascinating to watch.
  • This morning as I was walking to work (in the sprinkle of rain) I saw these:

  •  Hummingbird moths getting breakfast from the flowers.  these guys were huge, but it made me smile on the walk to the building.
  • Thule is fitting in wonderfully.  He's terrible about going outside to potty, but he'll catch on soon.  He is very enthusiastic about attention.  We call it a puppy explosion.  He just sort of explodes on to you.  Last night he launched himself off the sofa to my chair and landed on my head. He's a spaz.  But he does like to cuddle up to Guiness, who is very long suffering.

  •  Bruiser is still hit and mostly miss on the pooping front, but he's making some forward progress.  I've decided that I'm done putting pressure on him.  He gets to clean himself up and his unders and if he goes Woo hoo, but otherwise, hey dude, clean up. Nothing else has worked.
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  1. Related to sand and boys, I went into the bathroom this morning and I guess they'd forgotten to let the water out after their bath last night so it slowly drained over night. And there was a literal ring of dirt left behind. How do boys harbor so much dirt??

  2. I definitely feel the same way today... oh how I wish I were home curled up in my quilt, reading, watching movies, sipping tea... soon enough! ;)

  3. The only thing that I don't like about our visits to the beach is the sand. Of course, it's been over a year since we were there...and I am STILL finding sand in our car!

  4. beautiful flowers

    I am a huge fan of sand - except when it is dragged all through the house!


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